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Jan 1, 2001
I've never booked with Priceline before, and am considering it for a trip to Los Angeles. Since I am basically paying for my hotel and rental car at the time of booking if I use priceline, do I still need to show the credit card when I check in? And do I get a receipt from the hotel or from Priceline?

Thanks for any info.


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You need to show a valid credit card when you check in. It does not have to be the same credit card you used to place your bid.

The only receipt you'll have for the hotel stay and car rental are the emails you receive confirming your winning bid.

At the hotel, you'll get a receipt for any extra charges you incur while there.
I have had to show the credit card when picking up my car every time. As a matter of fact, I always get a message from Priceline with my confirmation letter, telling me I must show a credit card with a minimum 100.00 credit limit when I pick up the car (I guess this is for late returns? Damages? Gasoline,if I return it with a less than full tank??). Whatever it's for, I have to show it.
I haven't had to show it at a hotel yet.

I think, with most companies, you always have the option of leaving a cash deposit for the car rental, and not having any chargeable options available for the hotel (ie - phone not turned on, no room billings, etc). Not sure if a Priceline res would differentiate from that or not. I'd recommend calling the company itself, or checking their web page, to find out their policies.

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