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Jun 10, 2000
I finally looked at the Frommer guide and answered my own question. I thought this might be of help to someone else.

All of Priceline's 4* WDW Vicinity Hotels have FREE shuttles to the parks. Obviously, it's a given with the Swan and Dolphin, but I wasn't sure about the other 2 (Wyndham and Marriott). It turns out that other hotels also have shuttles, but they charge a round trip fee (anywhere from $6-10 per trip).

This was important to me, because I do not want to rent a car when I'm at WDW. I was hesitant to try Priceline because I didn't want to get stuck trying to get to the parks. Now I might go for it.

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The MOWC (Marriott Orlando World Center) has SOME sort of fee. When we stayed there last March, there was no resort fee, but transportation to WDW was $5.00 per adult (round-trip). Then they added a $9.54/day (per room) resort fee that included "free" shuttles. The latest I've read is that the resort fee was reduced to $5.30, but there was a charge again for the shuttle to the parks. The best thing to do is call the hotel and ask about the resort fee/shuttle fee.
Nancy --

Thanks for the warning!

I am ready to give up! I am not spending close to $500 for 4 nights at the AllStar Music. I was there last September, for a more reasonable price, and I don't think it's worth much more than $79 a night. I am tempted to try Pricline, but I since I do not drive, I am concerned that I will not be able to get to WDW on a decent schedule (which would include going back to the hotel in the middle of the day for breather). Any ideas?

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I don't think the MOWC shuttle returns to the hotel until later in the afternoon - thus foiling your mid-day break idea.

When are you traveling, Donna? How many people are in your party? Do you qualify for a teacher or government rate at the Swan/Dolphin?

If you stay at any of the Downtown Disney hotels, their free shuttle runs every 30 minutes (I think) throughout the day. The Courtyard is a DIS sponsor, so check out the DIScount rates here. The Best Western Lake Buena Vista Hotel is the least expensive of the DD hotels. I believe the early entry and e-night perks are now available for all DD hotel guests (new as of September). Go to for more info about those hotels.

I didn't use the shuttle when we stayed at the Wyndham, we had our own car, and way too much to drag with us. I could've swore that the shuttle was free.
Per previous posts, MOWC shuttle is not FREE. If you're staying off site be wary of shuttles. They are usually limited (scheduled) not always free and THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. In other words what is in effect when you book may not be the policy when you stay. Either rent a car or stay onsite (or in DD). Priceline is NOT GOOD IF YOU NEED A SPECIFIC HOTEL OR AMENITY.

You sure perked up my ears. I have been lurking on the board for about a week trying to learn all I can before playing trip. What kind of discount do teachers get? Thanks for any help.

The teacher rate is $129/night for a standard room at the Swan/Dolphin. You can call the hotel directly to ask if the "TEACH" rate is available. Or - go to Dreams Unlimited from the link on the DIS and plug in your dates.

Welcome to the DIS, ndmommy!
Thank you for the Downtown Disney Hotels link! That was exactly what I needed to know!

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