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Sep 23, 1999
Needed just one night to finish off our week-long stay as Vacation Club members at the Wilderness Villas... and were checking out on Fri., March 23, and were flying out on March 24... so needed just one night.

I did the AMEX add on of $25, and first bid on 4 star for $20... turned down (which I expected)... then figured I would try $10 for a 3 star (WDW area) with the add-on... and got:

In total, with the tax and PL processing fee, came to approx. $20 for that one night.

The room was great, right in the main building... very easy check in and check out... we were very happy with our stay!

sounds like you got a great deal. What is the amex add on? I'm going to WDW in August and then for a night or two to Daytona Beach. I'm thinking of trying Priceline for a hotel room in Daytona. thanks,
mob :cool:
So you got the 3* Courtyard for $10 plus the $20 AMEX bonus? Wow!

-- Robin
Yeah, we were pretty excited about getting that... and surprised (sorry about the wrong amount for the add-on... it was $20... you are right - not $25). We haven't really heard of anyone getting that hotel through Priceline. I understand that the Hyatt on Hotel Plaza Blvd. "pops" up every once in awhile, but I really haven't heard of the Marriott doing so.

Sorry... I can't seem to located my "copy" of the link to add-on for AMEX... maybe someone else out there has it and can contribute it to this post!


congratulations!!........great name by the way!!



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