Priceline bonus?


Jan 9, 2001
I've only used Priceline once for an airline ticket for my husband, so I'm still unsure of using them. What are bonus $ ? Do they have this all the time? Is it available for airline tickets AND hotel rooms? Thanks for all of your help so far. I just love all of the info I'm getting from this board. It sure is making my first WDW trip planning experience a lot less stressful.

Lola °Ü°
There's a link on this site for $50 bonus money for airfare. You must enter the Priceline site thru this link in order to get the bonus money.

At this time, I think the only one offering serious bonus $ for hotel is American Express, meaning you must use your AmEx card while making the reservations and you must enter through their link as well. I think the link can be found on their webpage,

Good luck.
I bid on airline tickets today using the $50 bonus money and they didn't ask to fill out any forms. Our bid was excepted for $100 plus the $50 bonus money. Total cost for 5 round trip tickets to Florida from Chicago including taxes $629.75-----

hi jeffreyml,

what type of itinerary did you get for that price? And are you flying out of midway or ohare?



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