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Oct 30, 2000
Does anyone know if Universal is raising their ticket prices too? When? How much? I don't know how a family with more than one kid can even afford to go on this kind of a vacation anymore! I guess for alot of people it will be a once in a lifetime trip after years of saving.That's a shame.
A one-day USF ticket is as much as a one-day WDW ticket. USF/IOA will probably match Disney's price increase.
If you are planning to go back to USF/IOA in the future, multi-day passes are the way to go. You can get a 3 day pass for just a few bucks more than 2 single day tickets. They never expire and give you some extra goodies like express pass rights until 11:00 am.

You can buy them in advance at USF website before the price goes up - when we bought ours on line last year, they gave 5% off for on-line orders.
I heard on the news today that Universal is so far keeping quiet about whether there will be a price increase or not.

I also thought they said that a Busch Gardens ticket now costs more than a Disney ticket (strange)

wouldn't you think that universal would keep there price the same- but keep saying they would change it? if all the parks change there prices florida will be the best way a family can spend a LOT of money.
Yes, effective Sunday, January 7th, both Disney and Universal raised their ticket prices to match Sea World and Busch Gardens.

A 1-day ticket to the parks is now $48 + tax ($50.88) for adults.

Multi-day tickets (with the exception of the Orlando Flexticket) have increased as well.
Child tix (3-9) were discontinued on the 2 Park Annual Pass, the Florida Adventure and Action Pass & Florida Resident's. Super Pass.

The 2 park annual is now $159.95 + 9.60 tax Total=169.55. I believe this is a reduction.

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so what are the new prices for universal 2 and 3 day passes? Did they go up in price also? Is there a 5 day pass? I swear I saw a listing for one somewhere and it was only like $20 more than the 3 day.

Kim check this has prices and there is a listing for a 5 day escape pass. This is news to me first I ever heard of a 5 day escape pass.




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