Pressed Pennies?


Nov 7, 2001
Okay so I read I need to start shining up my pre 82 pennies correct? and saving my quarters I assume its one penny and 2 quarters for each? Can anyone tell me how many different images there are or have a full listing of them and where the machines are located in the parks? Also where in the parks can you buy the book to put them in? Thanks!
You can but the books at almots any shop ($6.00). One penny costs 2 quarters to press but to press one quarter costs 4 quarters ($1.25 total). The books hold pressed pennies and quarters. There are tons of images to choose from and hotels have machines too. I have an outdated list but I'm sure the machines have changed since many images have the year on them. Have fun collecting!
haven't been to WDW in ages - I don't recall pressed coin machines back then, so I have a few ?s. What's the deal with pre 82 pennies? Are the coins flattened out into a different shape or do they retain their original size? TIA!
I think after 1982 pennies were made out of copper and zinc. It has something to do with streaks in the pressed pennies.
Worm, that list looks pretty current!!! Thanks for that link!!

Tiga: The coins are elongated or flattened to show the image.

Also, be sure to clean your pre-1982 pennies in vinegar before you leave. They will be nice and shiny!!

My daughter and I were on a mission to collect all of these a couple of years ago. We had a great time wandering the parks looking for the machines. Have fun :D
HOLY MOLEY!!!!!!!!!! That list is huge thanks! I didnt even knwo there were quarters too wow! Thsi could get expensive LOL! We have a small pressed penny collection from zoos etc so this will be great fun!
yzma has it right. but they say that the pre-1982 capture the image better because there is more copper in them.
I forgot I had one more penny question soem places have automated machine where we just push a button others are more fun where you crank it to make it yourself. Which ones does Disney use?
I didn't realize they had so many at Disney World, this would be great for my girls to do during our next trip! Where can I find an elongated coin holder though?

bxrlvr: the sell books for you to put them in at the parks. They cost $6.00 and hold 48 coins.
I am just back from WDW. By the elevators on the Concourse in the Contemporary, I saw a penny press machine with a "Pop Century 2002" logo. I didn't get it (got Buzz Lightyear instead), but I kept thinking I should have since it may be a unusual one if Pop Century never opens in 2002! :)

<img src="">
Just back from a trip to Disney last week and my neice really got into the pressed penny collection. She would get a list of the location and type of press of the machines for each park at Guest relations. Most parks have at least 40 machines! Most machines have three unique selections. This makes for inexpensive souviners.
So I told hubby iw as going to shien my pennsy during nap time and he rolled his eyes. ALl I can say is YUCk there is nothing nastier than a can of pennys to sort through. I just put em in a bowl of vinegar and stirred em a bit they were getting shiney or clean enough without scrubbing so I dumped soem baking soda in to make a volcano effetc and that fizz worked a bit better. GOOD enough! They are clean and ready to go!


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