President's Day Weekend sale at the Disney Store....NOW!


Feb 18, 2000
I was at the mall this afternoon and they have placed a lot of Dalmation stuff, some adult jammies and some kid's clothing at 50% off. The Valentine's stuff is at 75% off. I didn't find much but I did get a Dalmation soccer ball for $5.

but they still have some watches at 50% off. I broke down an bought a cute Mickey watch (reg $38) with a black leather band and black face with numbers. I also found a wonderful Scrooge McDuck watch (reg $65) and bought it for my son's birthday (as long as I don't put it up and forget where I put it :D ). It has $ all over the black face and the second hand has a $ on the tip. Scrooge is peeking out the side of the face. The greatest thing about the watch is it pops out of the gold face ring (w/ black leather band) and pops into a gold ring pocket watch with fob. My son likes both kinds so this one is perfect for him. He's also a fan of Scrooge.

They also had a tinkerbell watch (reg $75) that had the interchangable rings to go on the face. I wanted that one too but I think I did enough damage for one day.


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