Pre-Trip Report(17) - WDW Reminders This Weekend


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Dec 29, 2010
Pre-Trip Report - 17 days to go before our split stay at BLT and BWV in a two bedroom suite.

Three events this weekend that reminded me of our upcoming trip to WDW. Of course, when your anticipation is as high as mine, many things will remind you of the upcoming trip.

Here are mine from this weekend:

1. We saw a bear - DW and I were driving home from church. Not far from church, a small black bear ran across our path. He was going so fast that I wasn't able to draw my iPhone in time. Makes me think of Animal Kingdom except there's no bears there but we have them in NW CT. :) I told DW to slow down just in case his mom was following but he was alone. Hope the little guy is OK.

2. Parade - DS and I marched in the local Memorial Day Parade. DS is a drummer and I run water. Disney World loves a parade. DW tells me there will be a special event parade at EPCOT on June 22nd. I believe this is to divert attention to MK for President Obama visit. We enjoyed the 'Tapestry' parade from years ago. Sounds like a good parade to check out since we're staying a BWV.

3. Heat and Chaffing - I don't recall chaffing being an issue last year although I've been a frequent sufferer in this department. Three things recently reminded me of this issue.
- I saw a tv commercial for Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick. I had to giggle.:rotfl:
- I bought DW Bill Burke's MouseJunkies book for Christmas. On page 407 he described a condition known as "Epcrotch". :rotfl2: I nearly fell off the commode I was sitting on. The combination of heat, sweat and the Epcot Death March can lead to this condition.
- Monday's parade was hot and I was walking a couple miles. I had a very mild reminder not to forget the Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick or BodyGlide. Works wonders.

Hope you enjoyed your three day weekend !!! One more weekend in the rearview mirror on the way to this June's vacation. :banana:



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