Pre-Easter week trip to OKW (long)

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  1. Chim Chiminy

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    Apr 10, 2003
    Time flies by too quickly!

    We left NE PA at 5pm April 2, deciding to get on the road sooner rather than later. Our guinea pig was left at the sitter's, we said our goodbyes and were soon rolling down the highway.
    We always drive down, napping in a rest area. Kids are kept entertained by a DVD player, but thankfully they sleep a lot too.
    All told, with two meal breaks and a 3.5 hour nap, it took us a whopping 25 hours to reach Old Key West!
    That is a loooong time to be in a minivan! Traffic was good while we were on I-81 and I-77, but as soon as we hit I-95 it got bad. Precisely the reason we took 81 and 77 for the majority of the way down.
    In the space of ten miles, we encountered three seperate accidents each one involving three cars.

    For months leading up to this trip, we had been telling our children that our spring break destination was Chattanooga TN, to see the trains.

    My DD4 exclaimed "Tennessee has a Disney World!!" when we drove under the purple welcome signs. My DS10 just didn't like being tricked. But they were both happy.

    We received a hearty Welcome Home at the guard booth for OKW.
    As we walked to check-in, I remember being struck by how pleasant and cheerful the community hall area was. I especially liked the open breezeway area between check-in and the general store. Music was playing lightly in the background.

    Check in was not very busy. I did notice that of the four families checking in, we were the only ones who got a welcome home. So that made me think the others were cash guests.
    The CM who checked us in was pleasant. He gave my daughter a balloon for waiting so nicely. Since it was already after 6pm, our room was ready. Studio 4526. I asked about the location and if others were available, but after looking at the location on a map decided it was fine. We aren't really picky.
    He gave us our packet of info and then we were done.

    We hopped back in the van and drove down to building 45. It is right along the canal, and near Turtle Pond Rd. So we had a nice pleasant walk to the bus stop from our studio.
    We were on the second floor. Didn't notice any downstairs neighbors and only heard the one-bedroom neighbors once, talking and their TV.

    Our studio was nice and clean. Only things I noticed were a stain on the carpet that appeared to be from a cleaning product and one piece of cereal near the fridge that was missed. Other than that, the studio was spotless.

    We really loved the balcony and overlooking the canal. Even though it was very chilly most mornings and evenings, we sat out there a lot.
    Glad we had our jackets and long pants too!

    We took the ferry to DTD twice, both at night. Nighttime ride was very chilly, but also quite relaxing. I loved seeing the progress on Saratoga Springs. The resort looks great and we cannot wait to stay there in June/July.

    Our second trip on the ferry, the captain was saying they are retiring the ferries and replacing them with larger capacity boats. They are expecting larger volume of passengers to be using the boats with the opening of Saratoga Springs, and expect a lot of OKW guests will be pool hopping to SSR.

    We swam twice at the Turtle Pond pool. The first time, the temp of the pool was just right. Very nice, no cold shock getting in. Later in the week, the temp. just wasn't as high and we were freezing in the pool. I only stayed in for a few minutes before deciding I couldn't take it.
    We got smoothies and pretzels from the pool snack stand, everything was good.

    We swam once in the main pool. It was very chilly. Just didn't seem to be heated as well as Turtle Pond Pool. I also didn't think it was as clean. There seemed to be a lot of debris in the pool, as well as trash around it by the chairs. Of course, if people would just make the effort to pick up.....................There was a CM walking around straightening up, and I picked up what trash I saw near our chairs.
    I talked to a family there in the pool, and the dad said that they had hopped to VWL pool and it was heated nicely.
    I was a bit confused, as I thought pool hopping was suspended during the holiday season, but didn't say anything.

    My DH did laundry one day, but found it inconvenient to go all the way down to Turtle Pond Pool area to wash clothes.

    DH and kids played tennis one day and really enjoyed it. Now the kids want to take tennis lessons! ;)

    We ate at Olivia's once for dinner. Called to get PS earlier that day and were told nothing was available.
    When we just stopped by the restaurant we were told to come on in and were seated right away.
    Very nice, laid back meal. We enjoyed everything.

    Also used the DVC discount at Kona Cafe, wasn't a problem at all. Wish they had the discount for breakfast there too!

    I did talk to a lot of people at the pools and bus stops who were cash guests. In fact, I only talked to two people who were members. Wasn't sure if that was typical or not.

    We really liked the laid back feeling here at Old Key West. I had been a bit apprehensive, thinking it may not be for us. But we had a great time. Even though we didn't take advantage, I loved the idea of arts and crafts at Community Hall. We stopped in to look around, and I loved looking at all the pictures on the walls. Same for the pics at Olivia's. Family memories is what it is all about!

    I enjoyed our stay so much, I even thought about changing our upcoming ressies from SSR to OKW. But everyone in our group of eight really wants to try the new place.
  2. Pa@okw95

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    Building 45 is the one building that is about as far away from pools and bus stops that you can get at OKW. I have stayed in there twice. I think they give it to people that do not ask for any particular area. I think you would have been better off going to the laundry at the pool closest to you at the South Point area. I like the building myself. There is a bus stop at South Point that is closer than Turtle Pond Road area. Much closer.
    Rt 95 is a problem sometimes, look for rt 301 when there is an accident on 95 you can get on it and back onto 95 later.
    You should enjoy your home resort when you go next. I am really sorry to hear that we are getting rid of those nice boats that took us down to DD.
    Thanks for the report.
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  4. #1Mouse

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    Jul 24, 2002
    AHHHHHHHH..............makes me long to get back home!!!!

    We will be staying at OKW in May - basically because this trip will be a more relaxing trip. Only park days will be the two days of MH. The rest of the time we will "finally" get to enjoy the pools and the resort.

    Thanks for the trip report - glad you enjoyed your stay at OKW.

  5. bobbiwoz

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    Aug 26, 2003
    Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading your story!

  6. dianeschlicht

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    Nov 22, 2000
    We have stayed in building 45 before too, and I would have gone to the South Point pool and bus stop as well.
  7. disgirl

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    Jul 28, 2003
    Thanks for your report. It sounds like you had a great trip. It is always nice to hear good things about our "home", since we have not been there yet. :D
  8. mikesmom88

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    Apr 10, 2003
    Thanks for sharing - sounds like you had fun!

    We love the relaxing laid-back atmosphere of OKW also and always enjoy staying there.
  9. rnnomore

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    Jun 7, 2003
    Great report! This is our home resort and although we have not been "home" yet, we have our Christmas trip planned. Can't wait!!!
  10. PamOKW

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Glad you gave OKW a try and I'm happy to hear it was to your liking. :)

    It's interesting that the boat guy mentioned the pool hopping to SSR. Everyone here seems to be up in the air whether pool hopping will be ending when SSR and/or whether it will be off limits. Doesn't sound like DVC is expecting a change.

    Can't wait to hear your SSR report!
  11. Pinnie

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    Jul 17, 2002
    Thanks for posting your trip report!

  12. Chim Chiminy

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    Apr 10, 2003
    As far as the South Point bus stop, we did use it a few times. But honestly, we didn't think there was a difference in the distance walked.

    My son didn't like walking to and from South Point BS at night because on our first night, walking back to the studio, we heard a rustling in the foliage near the sidewalk.
    Of course, with it being Florida and all, he immediately thought gator!
    He pushed me towards the sound and kind of hid behind me!!!!

    That's right, mommy will save you! :rolleyes:

    We started laughing, and continued to laugh all the way to the room.
    But from then on, he didn't like walking that way.
  13. Laurabearz

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    Nov 25, 2001
    Great report! Thanks!
  14. MJTinNH

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    Aug 13, 2003
    Sounds like a great trip. Thank you for posting!:)

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