Potty training and WDW


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Mar 28, 2001
Here's a unique question. I anticipate that my 2 year old DS will be potty training or newly trained for our trip in Sept (I might be a little ambitious here, but he is showing some active interest right now). I've been to WDW before, but I don't remember, did they have smaller toilets in the bathrooms? For that matter, do the men's rooms have short urinals?

Plus, does anyone have any tips to share about they handled potty training while at WDW? Has anyone had any experience with those fold up toilet seat inserts you can buy (although I dread the thought of lugging that around WDW!).

Thanks for any help!
Don't know about the little urinals, but I would think that the toilets would be short enough for him. You could just give him a little boost. However, someone just told me that they got their child trained before Disney by letting them know that if they wanted to go swimming in the pools at the resort, they had to be potty trained. That got the child into gear. Anyway, if he isn't trained by the trip, please don't stress yourself on the trip about it. Just let him wear the diapers - it's much easier then the constant nagging and probable changing of clothing because of accidents. It will stress you, possibly traumatize him about the whole process, and stress the rest of your family. Holding him off that week (or however long) will not set him back much. Relax and enjoy it. :cool:


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All three of my girls have been to Disney when they were in the potty training stage (18-20mths).
What I did was use the big girl panties (Pullups) and every now and then, especially before getting on a long ride, I would double check to see if they had to potty. We used the Pullups like panties, and I just pulled them back up when it was dry. That way, we never got caught in the middle of Peter Pan or Its A Small World with "Mommy, I have to potty". If they had an accident, it was no big deal. It worked out great for all 3 of my kids, and they never had any accidents. I don't recall any small toilets, but I always took them in with me and just helped them up on the big girl seat - they loved being just like the big girls.
I have never been in the men's rooms at WDW but I don't recall seeing any smaller toliets in the regular ladies rooms. However the child care centers in most parks have a family washroom that has low to the ground toliets. Keep in mind there is only one child care center in each park and it is usually near the front end of the parks. Not that quick to get to when your 2 year old decides they have to go NOW!!. ( I am currently training my 2 1/2 year old DD I understand ;) ;) )

these disposable wonders kept me sane while potty training my 3 year old ds at WDW several years ago. (actually lots of years. he's now 13 and completely trained! ) :)

I agree about the pull ups. Also i was not impressed with the fold up potty seat. It just never seemd to fit the toilet seat that well. I have boy/girl twins and my daughter trained before my son and I used the seat with her but I never used it for my son. This is just my opinion.

Susan :)
My daughter is 2.5 and I am actually happy that she is not yet developmentally ready to be potty trained as diapers are definitely easier. That way no need to leave lines or do a bathroom run across the park. Though some would disagree I really think close to 3 is best age for potty training as they are ready then and it is cinch, with minimal regression.

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I agree with the PullUps (they have Disney characters on them!). I also agree with CarrieAP about children being closer to 3. Expecially boys, according to old wives' tales. I hope your son is able to accomplish this daunting task though! Good Luck.

My daughter was almost 3 when we just decided one day to put underpants on ~ one accident and continued potty success from then on! (Except for a few accidents over about 3-4 mo time, it does still take them time to remember to go sometimes!) We still have PullUps for back-up, long car trips, etc, but I can't remember how many weeks it's been since she last used one! She'll be 3-1/2 when we visit WDW in June and she'll be wearing one every day!

Have a great trip! :D
Our Ds was 2 1/2 last year and newly potty trained on our WDW trip. I was really worried, but he was fine. I never put Pull-Ups on him- only at night. We didn't want him to regress. I just put him in thick, cotton training pants and he was fine. I think the cotton airs out better than the disposables in the heat (with sweat and water from fountains, etc.) and the child knows that he should stay dry in the cotton ones. We went in July so we drank a lot of water. Everytime Dh or I went to the bathroom, so did he and we never had a problem. He only wet himself one time and that was during Fantasmic- it scared the ---- out of him. He saved his BM's for the hotel too- considerate kid. Good luck!
Aggie89, your post brought back funny memories of our first WDW trip, back when my youngest dd was only 2. We put off potty training until after the trip, mainly because we drive down to WDW from Massachusetts, and hubby isn't too good at stopping for potty-breaks. Diapers were just easier for us all at that time.

Anyways, about the BM - dd had the terrific talent of having these in the middle of almost every sit-down show that we went to at WDW - I did manage to sneak out (and back in) before Country Bear Jamboree to change her (the CMs are so nice about that!) but once we were trapped in the preshow of Muppet 3D when she went. You could definitely tell which men in that room were not fathers by their comments...

Never used pull-ups myself, (on my kids, that is ;)) but they sound like a wonderful invention!

And remember, some of the potties are automatic flushing ones, so little ones need to be prepared for that too!

Schmeck, kind of missing the 'diaper days', and amazed that I'm nostaligic about BM :)
The auto-flushers can wreak havoc on the whole potty experience, LOL!

Click to read Those Darn Auto-Flush Toilets thread.


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Just reading these posts has made me chuckle. My dd is 2 1/2 also and has no interest in the potty right now. I started to feel some concern when I was reading especially the post about the 18-20 mth olds being trained.

Anyway, we're going for a quick visit in June and I'm sure nothing will change between now and then and actually I agree that it is easier doing the diaper thing, but if we go in Sept. there may be some interest on her part, I like the "pull-up" suggestion.

I don't believe there are smaller toilets in the bathrooms at the parks but the family rooms sound like a good alternative (except when a child has to pee I don't think they'll walk too far for one of those).

Anyhow, feel free to make suggestions about the potty training (so we don't get in trouble for getting off the subject here) on the Community Board, I'd love some advice on the potty subject, thanks...keep pottying :D (that was bad)

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I agree that it would just be easier to keep the child in diapers. We had to train DS by August before he started his new preschool and our trip was in July. If it wasn't for that, we would have waited as well. And yes, we did lug around the folding potty seat, but didn't use it. Don't forget to bring some big stickers to put on the infrared panel of the automatic flushers. Good luck!
I wouldn't rush the potty training and I certainly wouldn't train at Disney. When you first train a child they go to the potty a lot until they have better control. Do you really want to spend your entire Disney vacation exploring the bathrooms? I had tried those fold up seats with my daughter and she wouldn't use them because they sometimes pinched her and they shifted around too much.

Once you start pullups your kind of stuck with them and they are even more expensive than diapers. They feel too much like diapers and the kids just pee in them anyway.

My daughter had shown every readiness sign so I started to train her at age 2. She still didn't train for good until 3 weeks before she turned three when she was good and ready.

My son is now 2 and 1/2. I'm going to let him run around with training pants on this summer and a potty in the backyard. I've had friends who've done it this way and they usually train in 2 weeks. I have no intention of using pullups except during the night.

Ultimately it's up to you, but most experts advise that you wait until after a trip to train because new environments (even as wonderful as Disney) can be very unsettling.

My daughter was a year old (not potty trained obviously) the last time I was at Disney. You will find they have the most wonderful baby stations with great changing table rooms in each of the parks. I not only fed and changed her there I just used it as a place to relax from the heat and the walking. I'm not sure, but they might have potties there if you are really that dead set on training now. I'm sure there is a way to call and ask.
As a mom of 4 kids that has cleaned up many a accident I have decided that it is sometimes best to put them in pull ups when newly trained and traveling (especially during long car trips :eek:)

But this thread gives me the chance to post a link to one of the funniest if not strangest WDW sites I have ever run across LOL- enjoy :)



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As a mom of 4 kids that has cleaned up many a accident I have decided that it is sometimes best to put them in pull ups when newly trained and traveling (especially during long car trips :eek:)

But this thread gives me the chance to post a link to one of the funniest if not strangest WDW sites I have ever run across LOL- enjoy :)


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Coordinator Dis Convention 2001
My son was just potty-trained before we went to DW and he did great. We put a pull-up on him everyday and made a game out of if he could keep his stars. He was so excited when we went potty and he still had the stars.
We used the fold-up potty seat by graco and it works great. We still use it now and I just feel better that his little legs aren't on the grossest part of the public toilets(the front).
The trick to fitting it properly is to place over the front and push it back.
The whole week, we only had one accident and that was when we were on Jungle Ride and he had to go right after we left the dock. By the time we got off he was wet.

We travel from europe to orlando in about three weeks. our little one has tomorrow his third birthday and he is potty trained but only since 4 weeks. i take the pullups too. its easier for us. we have a 12 hours flight and i can not take cloths for many accidents with me ... <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

I think better pull ups. the little ones cant wait a long time and when we must stand in line ????
i take pull ups mith me and he was felling fine.
My little guy is only showing some limited signs of interest (but all on his own, bless his little heart), so I have no idea where he will be in 4-5 months, but I wanted to be ready.

I just have to say that last time we were in WDW, my DS was 10 months old, and the child care centers were fantastic! We couldn't use them everytime, but they were great for feeding and incredibly clean changing areas.
We are in the same boat that you are in. Our daughter is just over 2 1/2 and she is really ready to be trained. She is completely trained on #2, but not on #1. We are leaving for WDW in 2 weeks, driving down for 2 weeks. We have decided to just put the whole thing off until we get home. It's very difficult even remembering to run her to the bathroom all the time NOW, at HOME, I can't imagine myself trying to remember when we're sitting on DUMBO! I imagine that when we do get home and get down to business, it will probably only take a few weeks to finish the process. But for now, it's pull-ups during the day, diapers at night!! I wouldn't stress yourself out about it - as my pediatrician says "No one walks down the aisle wearing diapers"!



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