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Feb 5, 2002
I have put a deposit on 300points for VWL the other day not to lose on that home resort. This is the second time I have considered buying into the DVC. I have gone over this a lot in the last 3 days and have been searching for 1 main answer.

Does The DVC work, Are you happier and see the savings working for you since your purchase in the DVC ? ( Really looking for early 90's members replys )

I have been to the Polynesian Resort with "my" family 7 times since 1997 and have always enjoyed the clean and respectful atmosphere during my stays.

It looks like it will work and seems like it with the information I have gathered - as long as you use it. I guess I am just looking for another opinion before I give my "Blue Collar" savings away.
I have considered a summer home, boat and condo - But I feel a Vacation is something I will always use and want - plus the DVC purchase I have reserved is less then any of the 4 considerations even with the annual maintenance fee.

Thank You

While I am only a late 90's member. All I can say is, I have absolutely no regrets, other than it took me 3 years, wasted, to decide.
Thats the real kicker for me too, the last 4 trips I payed for could have been put tword the inital purchase :( .

Also, 1 other question - With the "11 month reserving window" Can you start booking a stay with your next years points?

Ex - I would recieve my points in september 2002, Could I start booking a stay for December 2002 now. It would be within the 11 "window". I hope thats clear to understand.

Thanks again
We bought in 1994 after 2 years of kicking it around. We have been able to go down twice a year and just love it. My only regret now is that I did not buy all my points at resale. When I bought in 1994 I paid $ 58 a pt for 280 pt through Disney. I bought a resale in 1999 and paid only $ 50 a pt for 210 pts. I keep thinking that the money we saved on park passes for the first 5 years we owned that Disney gave us for free may have off set the difference.

Good luck with your decision.

DVC 1994

I bought 300 points resale only last year at OKW. It had 300 points banked.

Our first vacation was in October 2001, two bedroom at WLV. It was fantastic. As compared to staying in regular rooms at any resort, you can't beat it.

I have booked three different trips for 2002 using banked and current use year points and did a little math. Using the rack rate if I called an booked the rooms with no discounts, and factoring in my yearly fees, I have already gotten back half my money. ( this is sure to cause a rash of posts)

As for buying from DVC, if you have the time, a resale is a much better value. From what I see up there now, I think I overpaid at 65 per point.
I have considered a summer home, boat and condo - But I feel a Vacation is something I will always use and want - plus the DVC purchase I have reserved is less then any of the 4 considerations.

This is an excellent way to look at. I believe that owning DVC is a cost savings and a more luxurious vacation than staying in a deluxe or moderate WDW resort. But, the main thing that makes it worthwhile is whether it is something you want and is not a hardship to have. I wanted a place in Florida but didn't want the hassle of having to worry about it when I wasn't there or renting it out, etc., etc. DVC offered the perfect solution. It is my vacation home without the worry.....and I can move it around! ;)
I would recieve my points in september 2002, Could I start booking a stay for December 2002 now. It would be within the 11 "window". I hope thats clear to understand.

You've got a grasp already! Yes, that's exactly how it works. You make the reservations based on 11 months and 7 months based on how many points you'll have available AT THE TIME OF THE STAY.

We have/had also considered buying a summer home or condo. We were thinking of something close to home (upstate or PA) or somewhere down south like Florida, SC or NC. Like you said, this right now is definitely less $$$. I know we can afford this now. A home or condo at this time scared us (three children and paying tuition through the nose). Perhaps in a few years, we can think about it again. I don't know if I would want to keep going to the same place right now in our lives and clean up/take care of the place before enjoying it and then pick up and leave. We are late buyers too and are adding at BCV already. We have only used it for the Magic cruise - yes it might not be the best way to use our points, but we were planning a cruise for our next vacation anyway so it worked out for us. It is early for us but I do regret not buying years ago. Good luck with your decision.
1 last Question

Banking -

1st-6th month = total 300 point max
7th-9th month = total 150 point max
10th month = total 75 point max
11th-12th month = Use or Lose

so useing this theory based on my point selection:

If I bank 125 points in the first 6 months of recieval, then I would only be able to bank 25 more for a max 150 in the 8th month and none in the 10th, 11th or 12th month.

Everyone is being informative and helpful and I want to get as much as I can think before I have to goto work to confirm what I believe to be right

Thanks again and again All !!

I believe your calculations about banking is correct!..

About buying....

I took the presentation way back in '93 and at the time really wanted to purchase but did not. Between 93 and 00 went a bunch of times to the different non-DVC resorts and finally decided on purchasing last year. As I think back, I could have paid for LOTS of points with what I spent staying a the non-DVC resorts. If you enjoy going to WDW at least every other year (if not more), and think you will continue to enjoy visiting, then I would say go for it!

BTW: As you probably know, VWL is a beautiful property and you won't be sorry about it. ALL of the DVC properties are great!

Good Luck!
I just recently purchased in Aug of 2001, the fun and enjoyment of planning these wonderful trips I have for family and friends has been worth it. I also recently calculated the rack rate for these stays and the total was approximately $10,000. Just look at the stays I have planned for this year.

OKW Studio Jan 3 Nights
OKW Studio Feb 3 Nights
VWL Studio April 3 Nights (for Clients)
OKW 1 Bdr May 2 Nights (clients golf trip)
VWL 2 Bdr June 5 nights (Family)
OKW Studio October 3 Nights
VWL 1 Bdr Dec. 5 nights

24 Nights $10,000

If you took 30% off the rack rate I still got a great deal.

I (fingers crossed) have never had a problem booking any of the rooms I wanted. Last trip booked two weeks ago, leave on sunday!

Best purchase I ever made, even more so than my Boat and to say that in South Louisiana is almost a sin!

Good Luck, Hope to see you soon!
We purchased in 99, and have "no regrets " at all. We plan on using our points for a winter home for Jan- Feb, when we retire in 5 yrs. We will still be fairly young at 51, and should be able to take advantage by going with a 1BR (sun-thurs) and studios on the weekends. With our points (410) we should be able to go down for 4-6 weeks that way and avoid the cold of "Ohio" during Jan-Feb. The great part of DVC is the flexabilty!!!!!!:D
We bought 270 pts at BWV in '98, and have been at least once a year every year since. Just signed the contract on a resale for 232 points at OKW. Guess that shows how we feel about DVC.

Looked at buying a summer home in WI, but the hassle of having to buy furniture, insurance, etc, somehow made it seem less of a "pleasure" activity, and more like work! I go on vacation to get away from cooking and cleaning, not to do more of it.

We have three DDs so for us it is economical as well. Having to get two hotel rooms when you travel is NOT cost effective.

If you like Disney, do it!
Hey Gig,

You sound just like I did when I bought my original 200 points, now I have three contracts for 600 points and really enjoy being able to go to Fla. with out the hassle of owning and renting when I am not there. We have been members for 4 years now and have purchased two addons, and now are trying to experience the other DVC resorts, we love our home resort. I know others have told you to go for it, if you feel that this is the right type of vacation home for you, it is a sound purchase and you will enjoy it.

It's like buying your first car, you are nervous about it while doing it and even a little afterward, but when you get comfortable with it you really will enjoy it. It is a large purchase and you should be nervous. Most of the people on this board can tell you of their wonderful experiences and multiple purchases. We don't all work for Disney, we are normal people(well not totally normal, slightly addicted actually and this is a great way to feed our addiction.) and really enjoy vacationing at the happiest place on earth. If you are one of us, then become one of us, you won't be disappointed. Good luck with your purchase!!!
Everyone else has given you great reasons.

We purchased 5 years ago and fell we recouped our initial price about a year ago. We were spending 3-5,000 per trip to Disney before and just cringe when we think about how we could have owned five years earlier and saved more!
Didn't you just get back? If so, how was your trip?
Our was sort of a 'spur of the moment - caught up in the magic' purchase in May of 1992. We have never reqretted it, and have added on 3 times (all at OKW). Yes, the savings are there. Just remember, that while many members, myself included, have little or no trouble booking rooms, it all depends on resort/type of room/season and is always best to plan early or be flexible. The more resorts that are added to the DVC system, the more important that 11 month window becomes.
Once again - Thank You All !

The more I hear people happy and confirm what I believe to be true, the more comfortable I feel about signing that contract when it comes ( Should be here today ! )

Another question:

I am led to believe that all Home Resort reservation points can never grow during the life of contract - but DVD has the right to reassign the existing points however they deem at their will ( Yet to be seen - But is on the contract from what I have been told) .

I read last night in some legalese I printed from the DVC Website - Basically, Disney has the right to change/remove/no longer offer any of the other 4 non-home resort avaliablities we have to us right now. That includes a no-limitation on points for any of the 4 non-home resort offerings.

Is this true or misinformed?

Actually, I don't think they can change the DVC resorts (unless they did points charts for owners and non-owners) but they CAN change the points required for stays at the Disney Collection (i.e. WDW properties that are NOT DVC - GF, Poly, etc).

As I understand it, they can't change the total number of points required to stay at a DVC property over the course of an entire year, but they can reallocate them. They did this not too long ago, making some seasons higher but adjusting others lower to compensate.

However, they CAN and DO change the points required to stay at non-DVC Disney properties on site (aka the Disney Collection). In fact, they raised it significantly in the last few years.
Originally posted by WDWguru
As I understand it, they can't change the total number of points required to stay at a DVC property over the course of an entire year, but they can reallocate them. They did this not too long ago, making some seasons higher but adjusting others lower to compensate..

I think the only DVC resort to have point re-allocated has been OKW. The original point chart was changed a few years ago. The people that this had the highest impact on were those that bought "Just Enough" points - like "Just enough points for a week in a 2 bedroom in Value Season". They then found themselves a few points short, of course some folks reaped a few points benefit, as their "Just Enough" season may have gone down in points. Really, in the overall scheme of things, it was fairly minor adjustment. As far as NOT having ALL DVC resort available, that was probably written into the contract to protect Disney. A resort may be destroyed by fire or other unforseen circumstance, or actually, a resort could (though HIGHLY unlikely) break away from the DVC system, though it would require a vote of the ownership. I don't see this happening, except perhaps in the event of Disney going comepletely bankrupt and the resort dissolving the maintenance/operating contract with Disney. Again, extemely unlikely.


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