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Mar 20, 2001
Has anyone stayed in the Portofino Kids Suites? I am planning a trip in late November and have booked the Kids Suite. I am a little nervous about the cost and hope someone can give me information to put me at ease. There will be five in my party -- 2 adults, and 3 children: 1, 5, and 13. Any information is greatly appreciated.
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We stayed in one soon after they opened, Nov/99. It was wonderful.They are themed, either castle, sailboat or possibly 1 other. The kids bedroom contains 2 twin beds, a nice table with 2 chairs and an armoire with tv/vcr as well as many deep drawers. Even with the roll away I assume you'll have, there will still be room for the kids to play. There's a regular door seperating it from the adult bedroom. Don't even get my started on how comfortable the king size beds are! :D
I don't think you'll be dissapointed. Are you planning to spend time at the beach pool?
Thanks for such a detailed reply. I feel much better now. It sounds wonderful. I hope the weather will be nice enough for us to use the pool. We are going over Thanksgiving. From what I have been reading, quite a few people writing in will be there at this time. After reading this board I called to try and get the entertainment rate, but none was available to the Portofino. However, I booked two pool rooms at the HRH for $60 less a night. Now I just have to decide which hotel will be best. Any ideas?
Not sure what rate you were given on the Kidsuite. The best deal for us was using the Fan Club. It saved us an additional $40 a night versus the AAA rate. You can't get entertainment rate on the kids suite so this was the best We are going in July so haven't been there yet, but it sounds great! By the way one thing that bothered me about the connecting rooms, was the door to the hall in the kids room. My 9 year old would just need to sneak out for minute or two! This way they can't do that!
I booked with the AAA rate on the Kid's Suite. Can you give me info on the fan club rate. I could use all the savings I can get. Thanks!
Fan Club is available through you place of employment (at least that is the official view). Fortunately I work for a very large company and they had the card included with there "disney" info. It has no number associated with it you just need the card at checkin (at least that is what there said). The phamplet I had also had a specific 800 number that I called to make the reservation. There were extremely helpful. There was a post here last week of someone who had picked up a few of the cards/info at the hotel and had sent it out to the those who asked (they all went quickly). So if you know some place that has Disney/Orlando info go look for it, else maybe ask someone who is going soon to send it to you? I don't go until July. Good luck!


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