Port Orleans Riverside for $89 in May.


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Mar 23, 2001
I just got my confirmation in the Mail. We got Port Orleans Riverside for $89 using the codes found here. There are only so many rooms available for this rate at each resort and my first two tries were sold out.

Also you can not get the resort magic package but you can get the ultimate park hopper pass, it’s the same as the resort magic with out all the “free” stuff and options.

Good luck!
Be sure when you are purchasing UMPs at check-in to ask that your check-in or check-out day be removed from them. For example, if you are checking in at 3 pm and are not planning on going into the park that day then ask that your check-in day be removed. If you are flying out at noon on the day that you check out, ask that your check-out day be removed. If you do not do this, then you are essentially paying for a day that you can never use.
Also, I would suggest that if you are only going to the 4 major parks and to a water park once or twice, then I would suggest a hopper or hopper plus pass. You will save money compared to the UMPs and if you DON'T all of your days, then they never expire.
I hope that this helps!
Again, Welcome aBoard! :)

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Mr Toad, how long did it take for you to get your confirmation letter?

I got the same discount after several calls.
You mentioned you used a code to get the $89 a night room rates at Port for May. What code is this? I am staying there May 14th thru the 21st and would like to get the best deal possible. Disney Club has no hotel discounts for this period. If you could please, I would like to know how to get a better deal.

Thank you,

I received my letter about 3 days later.

PO looks absolutely wonderful. Lot of cool things to do just at the hotel. We are taking two days off just to tool around the place.
I just booked a package thru AAA. Wish I had known about this web site a week ago! For future reference, are these hotel prices per room or per person? (2 adults, 2 children) Thanks!
I tried using the three letter code for the $89 moderate rate that was listed on FoodLover's web site. The CRO agent told me that this code was specifically to be used with a coupon that was direct mailed to certain individuals and that I would need the coupon at check in to get the $89 rate.

Can either of you let me know if this is true, or was the agent pulling a fast one on me?

I am going down in early May so my dates are in line with the offer and I am staying at CBR.
Glad to have you posting with us.
The rate that you are seeing discussed is the rate for the room. There are no "per person" charges when booking a room only - unless you have to pay an additional fee for having more than 2 (4 -?)adults in a room.
When you pay per person at WDW, you are generally paying for a package of some sort where you pay per person and includes room, passes and sometimes some meals or other extras. But you always PAY for those extras. Packages are usually for those who do not want to do their homework. Usually is it a savings to book all components separately.
I know that this is more than what you have asked. :D But I hope that this has helped! :)

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No coupon was mentioned during my conversation with the CRO. I will be paying my holding fee today and will pay in full before I leave. The only difficulty I have had was that there was a limit to the number of rooms available. This is my first time using the rate system. I am willing to take the chance to save a bit of money. I’ve paid full price before ;-(

As with all things check it out before you get there and try to reduce your surprises. That’s the limit to my knowledge at this time but someone else may be able to enlighten us both.

I got the $89 rate for moderates using the code listed and I sure don't want any surprises at check -in. Nobody on the phone mentioned handing in a coupon. This really concerns me.Any one else has info on this? Thanks.
I got the Port Orleans Riverside for May 17-23 for $93.24 w/tax. This was an AP rate. However, just call CRO and have them verify your reservations. Ask specifically what you need at check-in.
I just spoke to CRO for a friend and got the $49 rate for the AS Music May 28-June 2.

You might have to call a couple of times, but do not give up! Remember a dream is a wish your heart makes.

Hit it with the "Pixie Dust", Tink! :cool: ;)
I too got the PO Riverside for $89 a night and was told that all I need was to be able to prove where I live.
I just called the CRO and had them check to make sure what my code required. According to the CRO no coupon was required and no proof of residency was needed. If you need to know what code I used e-mail me at nullklwoodz1@hotmail.com and I will give it to you. Use it at your own risk no warranty expressed or implied

But as always check, recheck and double check with the CRO. This is the 5th 6th time I have called to verify this price and requirements. You should do the same.
I got the $89 rate using a special code for our stay at the FQ during May 18-24. There was no mention of a coupon or proof of residency needed when I made my ressie. The CRO just took the code and confirmed that it would be $89 plus tax. I did call back about a week ago to double check and was told again nothing special needed at check-in.

If anyone has any questions or would like to know more about what code I used, please feel free to e-mail me at: SecretMom2@hotmail.com.

Good luck and happy planning! :)

FQ-PO May 2001
Thanks to everyone here. I just called back to CRO and got the special rate at CBR. I was originally paying $149 and got it reduced to $99.

This is great!! You folks just saved me about $300 on my room. I owe you all a free drink at the bar.

I am not done yet though, as has been mentioned here and in other postings, I am going to call back and see if I can do even better. I will let you know if I can get it any lower.

By the way, the agent I spoke to this time said all I needed at check in time was a picture ID, no coupon or anything else. I am going to call back and verify that as well.
Just wanted to make slight correction. The $99 rate at CBR was including tax, so I ended up getting the $89 rate along with everyone else. So instead of only saving $300, I saved $360. Good enough for another round of drinks, don't you think???

Also, I confirmed one more time that all that is needed at check in time would be a picture ID.

This was for a standard view at CBR. They were also offering a water view at PO/RS for $99 or the standard view for $89 as well.
Good job, Mickey_Maniac! My wife thinks I'm crazy, but our AKL Room went from $300 to $209 and our ASM from $86 to $55. Saved $488 on one trip! It took 5 calls for AKL and 4 for ASM.

You just can not give up.
:eek: ;) :cool: :D


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