Pop Century vs. CBR vs. POFQ


Feb 16, 2003
2 Adults
2 Children 6 & 2

Which one would you choose and why?

Is the PC too small?

Will we feel cramped?

Is it worth the extra money for CBR or POFQ?


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Jun 4, 2000
I am probably not the person to answer this as we have not stayed in a value resort. But we also don't have kids as of yet and when we do it will most likely have to be value all the way. I am sure there is a PC Faq thread at the beginning of these forums - you should probably check it out. We (obviously) love the CBR so we would vote for that resort but in your case, it all depends on how much you want to spend, how comfortable you really want to be and what type of atmosphere truly suits you and your family. If you check out the PC, POFQ and CBR, you may be able to decide which resort is right for you and your family - good luck:)


Feb 12, 2004
Over the years we have stayed at all 3 Allstars, CBR, and POR. I will say our 2 trips with children (currently ages 5 and 3) have been to Allstars.

I feel the bedroom size was close - moderate was slightly bigger, but not too noticeable. The bathroom area (sink and closet area) was noticeably nicer and larger in the moderates.

The food courts were similar.

The moderates have nicer (maybe more sophisticated) grounds, they also have nicer pool areas.

In April we are visiting POFQ (we couldn't get a room at ASmo) - so I do not know first hand much about this resort.

Our kids love AllStar Movies because of the theming. We stayed in Toy Story section, second floor, courtyard view. Assuming you are spending most of your trip in the parks - although with a two year old you will need to rest some - I'd suggest saving your money for souvineers. Stay at a moderate in a few years when the kids are older.

I don't think you can make a bad choice - you and your children will love it no matter were you stay. Enjoy.



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Sep 2, 2000
It depends. Do you want a nicer pool or will you really be swimming? Will you basically just be using your room to sleep in? Are you on a tight budget?

We stayed at Pop recently and really enjoyed it. It was me, my 4yo, and my sister. If you bring tons of luggage it might be a tight fit. I had enough room for our things without a problem, but we didn't overpack for the most part.

It was tight in the room, but I was able to keep my stroller open (it was hard to roll it into the room, though, since there isn't much space between the open door and the bed). We were out of the room all day long and didn't return until after the parks closed at night (7pm closing at most parks). We would get back to the room, get ice for the cooler, repack our bag for the next day, eat dinner if we hadn't already, watch a little tv, and go to sleep. Not worth paying the extra $ for that.My son played in the pop jets one day, but we didn't use the pool at all so that didn't matter.

Really just depends on what you want and your budget.



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Feb 28, 2000
Our first time to stay onsite was at the POFQ and it is a wonderful resort for families with small children because it is not spread out. You can quickly walk to the pool, laundry, food court and busses. Our son was 2.5 yrs old when we were there and it was perfect. The pool area is awesome and I'm sure the 6 six yr old would love the serpent slide. Now we've got two and they're 6 and 2 yrs old (boys) and POFQ is still at the top of my list for moderates. You can also take a boat to Downtown Disney and you can use the pool and foodcourt and other amenities at POR because they are sister resorts. The bus to the parks used to stop at POFQ first (before POR) which was nice. Not sure if that is still the case. I still find the room sizes cramped even with just one child so I can't imagine having 2 kids in a value resort although I know many people do. (I like a lot of space in my hotel room).

Have fun!


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Oct 28, 2003
we just went a couple of weeks ago and stayed at pop century..me hubby and two kids....with all their souveniers.......we felt like we had plenty of room..the kid loved the hippy dippy pool....the bit they did swim.....the resort is awesome and for the price you cant beat it...............we are going back in december and we liked it soo much we are staying there again....


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