Pool slide at HRH


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Apr 1, 2000
Can anyone give me details as to what the pool slide will be like at HRH? I've read that it is bigger that Portofino's and more like a waterpark slide. How long is it? It is open, enclosed, tubular, etc? Any details would be greatly appreciated.
I am not sure about the slide, but the Universal Reservationist told me that it has the beach sand surrounding it and that there is underwater music - how cool is that!

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I heard that as well, my kids are going to go crazy. Were booked for 4 nights&thinking of adding a night. 3 days at the parks&we could hang out at the hotel a couple of days. My 4 yr wants to make sand castles. I hope some good pictures show up somewhere soon.
I will be going to HRH on feb. 2-4. I cant wait and I would love to see what the slide looks like.
I will be there from 2/5-2/9. And I am soooooo excited. I will bring back some pictures for everyone to see. Any requests???
The slide is 240 feet long if I remember correctly and is like a water park slide except not as long and not as much of a drop. However, if you push off from the top, using the water spouts for leverage, you can get a fair bit of speed.

If memory serves, there is a corkscrew followed by a short drop shortly before you get dumped out.

The slide is concealed somewhat in what looks like a desert rock formation behind the Beach Club bar.

Good fun.‘

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Yeah ... 240 feet is probably right, that seems more reasonable than my off the top of my head number of 125 (which I thought I read somewhere).

I like the top of the Portofino slide better though where they have the water flowing across the top of the platform and no step to get into the slide ... much classier ...
Is any part of the pool slide tubular and/or enclosed? How deep is the water where the slide lets you out? What age child do you think might be too young for this slide? Are parents allowed to take children down on their laps?

Any help would be appreciated.
....same questions as klfrech's above.



No part is completely enclosed from what I remember ...

I don't know for sure, but they wouldn't let children go with adults at the PBH, so I would think it's the same as the HRH.

The water is about 3' deep at the end ...

The have float vests available at the pool, and there were some pretty young children doing the slide with the vests when I was there.


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