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Discussion in 'Universal Orlando Resorts & Hotels' started by shoney, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. shoney

    shoney DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2005
    Our trip is booked for the end of June, so I am expecting it to be HOT HOT HOT!

    I do not really care for the heat, but that's when my sons b-day is!

    How do you like the pool at RPR?

    Does it have room for a lot of people? Heat + Busy season = Crowds!

    Are there areas with shade?

    Do people claim their loungers at the crack of dawn? I really hate that!

    Are there activities for 12 and 13 year olds? Last year at Disney, POR's pool activities were really just for the 6 and under crowd. My kids weren't interested.

    Should we consider a pool hop day over to the hard rock?
  2. disneyba

    disneyba Greetings from the Ottawa Valley

    Dec 12, 2007
    Well, I can help with some of your questions...

    The pool at RPR is beautiful and large. One of the bigger pools in Orlando, I was told. It can accommodate a lot of people. The hot tub is spacious too.

    Some lounger areas are shaded, but I think most are in the sun.

    Don't know about people claiming loungers early in the day. We were there in February, and the pool was empty.

    Don't know about activities for kids your age either. We were in the parks most of the time. But there is a neat water play area your kids should like.

    The Hard Rock has a great pool too, and the rock n roll vibe might be fun. There is a large pool slide at the Hard Rock that is good for older children and adults.

    Both pools have outdoor bars with food and beverage service.

    Hope this helps. RPR is an amazing hotel, one of the best we've stayed at in Orlando. Have a good one!
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  4. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2007
    I bet your son would LOVE the HRH pool. Definitely hop there at least once.
  5. smidgy

    smidgy dimples

    Aug 27, 2006
    this last universal trip we didn't pool hop (dec) but we usually go in spring, and the best thing about universal resorts (besides the express line) is the pool hopping..

    we think the pool at RPR is one of the bigggest and prettiest in Orlando.. however.. the slide at hard rock is one of the best . now with teens, you might like this pool better, cause WE thought the music at the pool was too loud.;).. we really liked the slide at portofino pool, too.
  6. shoney

    shoney DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2005
    Thanks everyone!

    I debating on staying at the HRH, but for 7 days the price difference adds up!

    Well have to pool hop and check it out though!
  7. vcunning

    vcunning Mouseketeer

    Mar 9, 2001
    If you don't like the sun and the heat, another option is to rent a cabana. They're a little pricey ($200, 25% less for club level guests). But we actually skip the parks for a day because my boys could be in the pool. It's probably actually less expensive than going to the parks.

    The description from Loew's website is:

    Private cabanas available for rent. Cabana amenities include a ceiling fan, phone, TV, a refrigerator with water, soda and a fruit bowl. Please call 407-503-3235 for cabana reservations today!

    I have one reserved for early July. The reservation line made some recommendations on which cabana would be best (they're really just in different locations). Since there is an outdoor pool movie playing that night, we reserved a cabana with a good view of the movie. Also, when we've done this in the past, usually there is bar/food service with menus.
  8. macraven

    macraven Proud Redhead Moderator

    Apr 21, 2003
    there are lots of games/activities for all ages around the pool at RPH.
    when you check in, read all the pamphlets in your packet.
    it will give you times and dates of the pool activities which also includes the dive in movies nights.

    prizes are awarded to the winners of the games.

    for adult games, you can win a free beverage.......:drinking1
  9. schumigirl

    schumigirl It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts

    May 15, 2007
    We were never pool people till we first stayed at RP.

    The pool is always a fun place to be around, lots going on.......but not rowdy or anything. Plenty to amuse all ages.

    Very likely your children will love spending time in it.

    We stayed in July last year and we never had a problem getting loungers anytime. It was busy but it was fine. Not that may loungers in the shade but you can get the parasols beside you.

    The staff at the pool moved a couple of towels that someone had laid out on 4 loungers and then disappeared for ages, so they do seem to have the lounger baggers sorted. Only saw that once though.

    We never pool hop now as we just find the pool at RP suits us down to the ground.

    The Bula Bar serves amazing food and it`s fantastic to be served at your lounger when you feel like it.

    I`m sure you and your children will love it :thumbsup2
  10. shoney

    shoney DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2005
    thanks everyone! You've put my mind at ease.

    We booked 7 nights in late June. We plan on getting the 3park pass to give us admission for all the days we are there. We aren't looking to spend full days at the parks. We want something more relaxing, so that ticket gives us flexibility.

    While we want to relax, the boys still need entertainment. They will be 12 and 13 on this trip. The pools sound perfect for us and them!

    We are used to the all inclusives, where the lounge hogging can be a drag!

    After the excitement wore off from telling them about the trip, DS13 says "you're not going to get us up so early and make us run around all day like you did at Disney last year?" :lmao:

    I think this should be a great trip. The boys have never stayed on site before. My DH and I did 10 years ago to celebrate my 30th b-day and we loved it! (portofino)
  11. macraven

    macraven Proud Redhead Moderator

    Apr 21, 2003
    you will have a nice time at the pool.

    if you order any food or beverages, make it a running tab.
    you might think you won't want anything else while lounging there but if you decide to order another drink/soda, running the tab is best.

    you have a automatic gratuity added on the tab and a service charge.
    if you run a tab, you only pay that one time when you clear your bill to leave the pool.

    you can charge the tab back to your room.

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