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Jul 1, 2001
Just wondering if anybody has any info on the pool rehab at riverside? Is the main pool going to be closed or just the slide? We will be there the end of September and the pool and slide are a real highlight for my kids. They will be disappointed if it is closed, but I guess we'll have to go to the French Quarter for their slide. If anybody has info on this I'd love to know the scoop before we get there so I can break the news to my kids. Thanks!
Hi, I have the same concern as we are going end of Sept as well. I called to the resort and talked to the "pool bar", I was told that the manager of the resort has discussed closing down the pool for rehab (slide, bridge, adding fountains) in Sept or Oct for about 1 month, but the CM stated that he thought Jan would be a better time (slow season/cooler weather) and because some CBR people are being placed at POR riverside (they are expecting a full resort). My kids love the main pool and are not too crazy about the quiet pools, so I would really hate to see the pool closed. I will contact the resort again in a couple weeks to see if they have any new info.


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