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  1. I know this is not a Universal Studios board. But I cannot find it. We will be in LA in 19 days. YEAH !!!! But I do have on question. I have read about Disney being Plus friendly and Knotts not being Plus friendly. What about Universal Studios. Do they deal with larger sizes like Disney? I would much rather find out now verses later. Can anyone answer this question. Thank you in advance.

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  3. USH is very plus size friendly. The only problem would be BTTF some of the vehicles can not take plus sized people. If you do want to ride ask for Car 4 or 5 on level 2 those are the vehicles with the most room. With Jurassic Park the boats are very large with lots of room . With ET everyone should be able to sit it the bicycle seats but if not there are bench chairs that are available. These are the only 3 attractions that use restraints so there is no need to worry. If you have any more questions please let me know! :D

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    I am 'pooh' sized, and i ahd no problems with any ride. I was wondering, any chance of oyu picking up a souvineer fopr me at Disneyland?



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