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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Fokus17, Jan 24, 2005.

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    Hello everyone,
    I seem to be a bit confused. My family is considering the poly for our trip in May. We know that renovations have been going on for a while, but what exactly is being done? Are the rooms going to look completly different or is it just minor changes? Some sites reported that new linens and furniture would be going in, but all pictures i have seen show the same decor. Please let me know and if you do have pictures of renovated rooms please let me see them.
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    If you check allears.com they list all renovations/closings throughout resorts and parks. The poly so far is renovation only Rapa Nui and Tonga right now. If you check the tikiman.com website he lists when the longhouses were last renovated, most have been done in the last 2-3 yrs. so I don't know if anymore are really due. I am going in Feb. and am pretty confident the resort will be fine, I am more concerned about the green wall infront of the castle!!! :charac2:
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    The bottom of the page on the link will tell you what they are doing.


    Right now only Tonga is being done. Rapa Nui was supposed to start but due to contractors not available it is pushed out till later in the year.

    There were test rooms done up last year with all new furniture, carpets, light fixtures, TV and colors, etc. The work being done to the rooms will be a few rooms at a time and the whole longhouse will not be closed (except in Tonga’s case). The rooms will look like the test rooms described on the page linked above.

    They are also in the middle of changing the GCH to move the stores, increase the size of Captain Cook’s and add an arcade.

    The renovations done in the last few years were to fix up the rooms and redo the foundations and HVAC system. None of these rooms have the “new look” that is being added to the longhouses starting this year. At this point there will be no photos of the new rooms that are done and I was asked not to show new details of inside the test rooms. Until one of the longhouses are done there will not be any photos of the new rooms. Tonga rooms will not look like the standard rooms since they are suites. There are also rumors that the concierge rooms will be different than the standard rooms.



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