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  1. Seeana07

    Seeana07 Why is my Reflection some one I dont know?

    Sep 23, 2007
    Come and post some of your peoms if your a poet.
    Here is one of mine

    [[Unpretty]] Little Disaster
    Im not your [[ Barbie Doll ]]

    That you can play with

    Dress up and Control

    Im your [[ Unpretty ]] Little Disaster

    Im not your [[ Game ]]

    You cant set me up

    And take turns

    You cant win me

    Im not a Prize

    Im your [[ Unpretty ]] Little Disaster

    Im not a [[ Puzzle ]]

    Once you break me

    You cant pick up the Pieces

    And put me together

    Im your [[ Unpretty ]] Little Disaster

    Im not a [[ Sport ]]

    You can play

    An object for you and your [[Friends ]]

    To kick around

    Im your [[ Unpretty ]] Little Disaster​
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    Jun 3, 2007
    I have lots...
    Most of them I made up while thinking of an idea for a sig.
    Ones that are blank at the bottom are just random things.
    I had more but I deleted them on accident once. :[

    He saw us take on our journey into the lost cities.
    Knowing that future that lay ahead for us both.
    A strangled heart and an infamous smile fade away within a second.
    Yet, he did not share his knowledge. Knowing that what was to come was to come and we couldn't stop it.
    He was smart. Smart for not letting us know our destroyed future. Smart for keeping our happiness alive this long.
    But now the future is here. Our future we are unwilling to accept. But I want you to always know. You'll always have a place in my heart.
    And I want you to always know, that I love you.

    [Final Fantasy X. Yuna/Tidus]

    Frivolous murders seek out their prey.
    They cannot find you there isn’t any way.
    Don’t be afraid, walk a straight line towards your goal.
    Don’t look back, there isn’t anything there waiting to take you.
    Fear is only what you make it. And if you make it not then it shall be not.

    [I was thinking about Twilight. xD]

    When we would play tag on the jungle gym.
    When we made bets on who would throw up on the merry-go-round first.
    When we threw rocks on the slide and played hide-and-seek.
    When I held your hand when you were too scared to cross the monkey bars.
    When all we cared about was making mud pies and staying up late.
    When we got angry when our parents all called us in for the night.
    Let's find our friends. Let's go back there. I'll race you to the swings.
    One. Two. THREE!

    Silly imagination. Immature children.
    They know nothing, but in fact they know everything.
    They sense the fear, the happiness, the confusion.
    They know more than you give them credit for.
    Open your eyes and watch them learn.
    Watch them imagine their own world.
    Watch them grow and watch them play.
    For they are your future.


    The feeling of extrodinary excitment.
    The smell of the main street popcorn, and cotton candy.
    The freezing touch of the slick chocolate Mickey bar across your lips.
    Your eyes gazing upon the magnificent building that lies ahead. The building you've been longing to see for such a long period of time.
    You walk. Joy explodes from your heart as you approach what you've been waiting to see since you were a small infant.
    When you first saw the picture of the building in your warm kitchen TV that winters day.
    "Mommy look, it's a parade. Where are they at mommy?" You'd call to your loving caregiver.
    "Walt Disney World sweetie. And you see that, that castle way back there. That's cinderella's castle." She would respond.
    Your eyes widen, your face lit up. "Mommy...I want to go there someday."
    And someday you shall. That someday was today. Every emotion, every concern, every fear just seems to melt away like a candle.
    "So Dad. Is it everything you imagined." A tall young man sits his hand carefully on your shoulder as you stop breathless in front of it's tall entrance.
    "Even better son. Even better."
    ~Cinderella's Castle~

    Snowflakes slide down my clear glass window.
    Falling from the grey gloomy clouds above.
    I hear it. The rain, it taps upon the top of the house.
    Soothing it sounds. The cold winter mornings have arrived.
    Slick Icy roads. Be careful. Snowball fights and a snowman.
    With buttons as eyes and a carrot as a nose.
    Skating on the fishing pond. It's water is clear as day through the solid ice.
    Those frozen winter days, end as the brightly lit sun behind the clouds set.
    Take a seat beside the woodstove as you sip on your warm hot chocolate.
    As you take a nap under your wool blanket. It's winter.

    Death is nothing but what you make it.
    Death is nothing but what you see it as.
    Find it as a peaceful end to your wonderful life and a wonderful beginning of your new one.
    Find it as an adventure waiting for you.
    Picture it as a fairy tale where handsome prince comes to take you away.
    Picture it as something you’ve always wanted, picture it that way.

    Cloudy, white skies.
    Trees swaying in the heavy wind.
    Lightning clashing overhead.
    Grab your raincoat.
    It’s a thunderstorm.

    I wanna follow in your footsteps.
    Jump into the lake down the road.
    I wanna play a game of baseball.
    While the sun is shining above.
    I wanna follow in your footsteps.
    All you have to do is lead the way

    Take me where the sun sets high.
    Where the blue skies are clearly seen.
    Take me to a place I could only imagine.
    A place I could only imagine in my dreams

    Apologize for all I’ve not done?
    Apologize for all I didn’t do?
    Hunny, you’ve got it all wrong.
    And I still feel sorry for you.
    Until you learn what I’ve not done.
    You can forget all that I have.

    [This one sounded really like the same of something I read but I promise I wasn't trying to copy from it, I was just going off my thoughts.]

    Nothing can fill the whole you left in my heart.
    Nothing can fix the damage you’ve inflicted.
    No band-aid can stop the hurting inside my mind.
    The way you left me was unimaginable.
    The way you left me hurtling into utter loneliness.
    I hope your proud. You’ve killed me inside and out.

    The fairy tales you expected me to believe.
    The make up stories of dragons and giants.
    I’m not the idiot you think I am.
    I know better than to think my world has a prince.
    I know better than to think I’m a princess to you.
    Go read your fantasy with your other princess dear prince.

    Formal balls and glasses of wine.
    Floor length dresses and tuxedos.
    Shiny pearl necklaces and pure diamond earings.
    Can’t you see that isn’t what I want.
    What I want is right here beside me.
    What I want is you by my side, until I die.
    Is this the future that we’ve been waiting for?
    The one we’ve been fighting to have?
    All that we’ve done and we find out the love we have for each other cannot be.
    You are just a dream in my hazardous reality. You are just a make believe.
    And now you leave me. Leave me alone in my cold world.
    But now you leave me. In hopes of me finding you again.
    For I will search. Search until my heart will no longer
    And I won’t give up looking. For you are the one person.
    The one person I Love.

    [Final Fantasy X. Yuna/Tidus]
    One whisper of your past will take you down. One small reminder of all that you have lost cannot be found.
    It intrudes your dreams like a sly slithering snake. Overtaking your mind like a raven that lay in wait.
    It overpowers you like raging lion. A badger that sways you like the sight of diamonds.
    And to this day…you are still here. Treking through this adventure with only one fear.
    That the deaths to come are not the loved ones you hold dear.
    Harry Potter…you are amazing.

    [Harry Potter]
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  4. Sparx

    Sparx DIS Veteran

    Jan 2, 2005
    I'm lying.

    screeching sirens
    screaming winds
    running round
    I just want to blend in

    Lighting strikes in the dead of night
    midnight looks like noon day light
    Bleeding on the inside, crying there too
    keeping up a smile-because of you

    I'm faking it now
    you know that too
    I dunno how
    but I'll make it up to you

    I promise I'm not lying
    I swear I'm not crying
    Theres nothing behind my eyes
    Trust me, I'm not gonna die.

    Let's play a game of pretend
    nothing will be the same
    and I swear
    I'll let you win
  5. Sparx

    Sparx DIS Veteran

    Jan 2, 2005
    This one doesn't have a title. i just called it five.

    I could've sworn
    that you said you loved me
    so I said I loved you too
    now I know
    you're a liar
    and I'm a fool

    I could've sworn
    that you weren't lying
    so I didn't lie either
    So now I know
    it wasn't real
    none of the god awful stuff I had to feel

    I could've sworn
    that you promised
    till death do us part
    but thats a lie
    because you leave
    after you break my heart

    I could've sworn
    richer or poorer
    was a line that you played
    guess that went down the drain
    but you're okay
    Its me who won't ever be the same

    I could've sworn
    on all these things
    but swearing is against the rules
    in this game we play
    of pretend
    so I'm gonna swear that all along, I knew.
  6. lpe_bratz

    lpe_bratz <marquee><font color=teal>I'll always <font color=

    Apr 7, 2007

    oh my gosh i LOVE this!!!! im AWFUL at poetry.
  7. Sparx

    Sparx DIS Veteran

    Jan 2, 2005
    thankies. if you want more, just pm me.

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