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Sep 7, 2000
Our Group of 15... three families (ages 6 - 39) will be flying out on Jan 31st for the Feb. 1st Magic Western Cruise...

We sure could use your helpful tips... Things not to forget to pack... excursion tips... etc...

All information sure will be appreciated!!!:Pinkbounc
Here are the tips that have worked for me:

1) Over the door shoe hanger. Really helps to keep track of tolietries and other small objects.

2) Small travel light-up travel clock. If you are like me you might want to know what time it is in the middle of the night. I know they have clocks in the room, but I intend to bring my light up one.

Now a few tips on enjoying the cruise:

a) Read this site, as well as Barb & Dave's sites. They will give you a good idea of what is happening.

b) Now that you've done that figure out what you and your family want to do. The key here is try NOT to do EVERYTHING. Do things because you or your family want to - not because everyone says you should. Only you know what is right for you.

c)I set the money aside for the tips ahead of time and mark who they are for by position. You can, of course, charge your tips, but I prefer to pay in cash (and we usually include phone cards as well).

Well those are my tips, hope they are helpful. Happy Cruising!
Read the "<a href="">Magical Disney Cruise Guide</a>". Until the "<a href="">PassPorter's Field Guide to the Disney Cruise Line</a>" is published later this month, the Magical Disney Cruise Guide is the best reference out there. It will answer the questions you didn't even know you had yet.
I sure do appreciate the helpful tips... any others out there???:Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc
we shot a few rolls of black and white film on our last cruise...the results were awesome...theres something about the ship, scenery, and family photos taken in B&W that just captures the mood perfectly...

try a roll or 2 of B&W....also, the film is only a little more expensive, and costs the same to process
Oo.. I like the b&w film idea!!

I'm always amazed at how many ziplock-type plastic bags I always end up using, in every size they make. For snacks, seashells, wet bathing suits, leaky toiletries, you name it. I'm always so glad I packed a bunch.

See you 2/1!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

and if u have not checked out this site it is a must,

but most of all enjoy and have fun ...
we did not do a lot of planning and still had a great time on our cruises
Here are a couple other hints:
1. Power surge strip that can be plugged by the Tv for extra plug space. Like blowdryers in the morning, when everyone is getting ready.
2. Airfreshers, stickups and spray. Keeps the room smelling good.
3. Clothes pins to hang wet things on the pull out clothes line in the shower.

Hey, also check out the theard here on Airport security, Brian who is a TSA is giving some very helpful hints on how to get threw the airport security easier.

Have a great trip:bounce:
I love the B&W photo idea, thank you Its on the list of things to get. It seems that list is getting longer:>
Lots of sunscreen and a hat! That sun is brutal, especially to lily white legs in the dead of winter. We brought the spray on sport type, which worked well for DD's braids.

I second the shoe hangar. I'm desperately looking for the hooks for the one we took the last time!

Chewing gum if you use it. I don't think they sell any on the ship, and if they do, it's probably not your brand!
Take a box of zip lock bags. It really helps organize things (especially when you get ready to go home). I also fond a pocket folder to be very helpful (put all our papers in it each day).
Take a box of zip lock bags. It really helps organize things (especially when you get ready to go home). I also fond a pocket folder to be very helpful (put all our papers in it each day).
I definately second the zip loc baggies...There is no end to their usefullness.

I also 200 percent recommend the 2 way radios. My husband and I had these at all times and were easily able to meet up when we were seperated. I would recommend the ones with the eavesdrop feature (we have the T6220's with the rechargeable batteries). They work almost everywhere in the ship and we only had interference a couple of times during the trip.

Something else to bring is plenty of underwater camera's. We only brought one and in hindsight, I wish we would've brought 3 or 4.

Also, check out Entropy's guide. I found that most useful when I was planning my packing list.

Good luck and Have a Great Time...
we selected 9 or 10 B&W pics from the cruise and had them enlarged to 5x7 at Target for only $.99 apiece. Then I bought matching black metal frames for each, and created a photo montage on a hallway wall....looks great...and the memories are right there whenever i want a quick peek;)
heres another;

take a few more rolls of film, batteries and video tape than you think you will need.
1 - Over the door shoe rack

2 - Clothes pins

3 - extention cord with extra outlets

4 - Travel alarm clock (I have to know the time in the middle of the night)

5 - Zip-lock bags - lots of them

6 - Travel Steam iron

7 - Gift basket from "the perfect gift" - We ordered snacks, sand buckets, juices, beer champagne so we didn't have to carry it on

8 - Bubbles for when the boat leaves port!!!


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