Please help! Opinions/comparisons Busch Gardens!



I have to decide! Love the ambience of disney parks, what should I expect of Busch Gardens? What would you do, family of 6, Busch Garden tickets for 275.00 which we will probably use two days of(they're good for a year), or put that $ toward park hoppers?I am alrady buying us/ioa tix and don't have enough time to do all three. All opinions very much appreciated! Thank you.:confused:
In my opinion I wouldn't bother with Busch Gardens, we went in Aug last year and really felt that this park had declined drasticly since our first visit in 1991, and infact we all said we wouldn't bother to go again, its just not worth the long ride we would rather spend another day at Disney.
Snookhams, Thank you. BTW,my husband and I just returned from a long weekend in the Cotswolds and London and besides Disney,it's my favorite place in the world. Any other opinions?
Have to say Busch Gardens is a favourite of ours but I wouldn't take young children.

This year we are planning on spending most of our time at Universal/IAO, a day or two at Seaworld, Bush Gardens and then a day each at Epcot & MGM.

We were last in Disney in 2000 and really felt that Disney had lost some of its magic.
Thank you Pegasus. Why wouldn't you take young children? Boring for them?
I don't think it would be boring as such and we did take our son when he was about 15 months old (can't actually remember taking him on one ride at Busch). At 15 months he loved the petting area and seeing the animals.

The majority of rides are aimed at older children/adults. My son was 6 when we last went (2000) and he couldn't go on Gwazi, Montu, Kumba, River Rapids, Python or the Tidal Wave. He was just tall enough to go on the Scorpion and I seem to remember riding that about 8 times!

Montu and Kumba have a height restriction of 54", Gwazi is 52" or 48" and the others I listed above are 48". You may want to check these on the Busch Gardens website.
I can't compare Busch Gardens much to Disney as we have not been to a Disney park in almost 5 years. The coasters are as good as the ones at Islands of Adventure. I will say though the Tampa park is not quite up to the same level as the Busch Gardens in Virginia, because it is older and surrounded by neighborhoods. The petting zoo that was mentioned before has been closed at both Busch Gardens. It is a result of protecting the animals from foot and mouth disease.

I will say that there is a lot to do for smaller children. There are many shows with the best being the ice skating one. Don't miss the bird show either! There is a huge play area called Land of the Dragons where they can climb and ride smaller rides. My youngest 7 year old can ride everything except Montu and Kumba. He is an inch short of 54' as of our last visit yesterday. So unless you have really young children, not much is off limits.

The Scorpion is really great as smaller children can ride it. It is the only coaster with a loop that I know of where this is true. The animals can be enjoyed by all. I really think it is money well spent as your return visits end up being free. I would try to sneak another visit in before the end of the year, but you are not out any money if you don't. Food is very reasonably priced and is good also. I recommend the Festhaus for all first timers.
Can't speak to Bush Gardens.........BUT....unless you are going to be there for two weeks or might be hard pressed to do all three locations....

I would stick with Disney and US/IOA...(which we LOVED by the way):bounce:

Doesn't it just depress the hell out of you when you have such tough decisions to make??:jester:

Have an awesome time:bounce:
I also wanted to say that if you go during the week, you can really do Busch Gardens in 1 day. Locals (like me) with cheap season passes and fun cards can make the park crowded on weekends. You can get good discounts online for 1 day passes or slightly better ones at AAA offices in Florida once you get here. It will be the cheapest way for you to visit if you don't plan on returning. I know you can buy a next day pass for $10 and some change once you are in the park in case you feel the need to.


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