Earning My Ears
Mar 20, 2001
I am beginning the planning for my family of 6 (4 teenagers ages 17,18,20,21)to go to WDW for 7-8 days this summer. After initial inspection, we definitely will need to stay outside of WDW.

As a minimum, I need roundtrip airlines, hotel, minivan, hopper passes, Universal Tickets but I have NO IDEA where to start looking for the best deals. It's all overwhelming!!!

ThereS internet deals, travel agents, priceline, etc. With a trip this big, I really would appreciate the pros suggestion on getting the best deals. PLEASE!!!
You will LOVE this site! So many friendly and helpful people!

We've been to WDW 3 times in the last two years, twice in the summer, and once last January.

First of all, reconsider your plan to stay off-site. Did you know that there are special rates at the All-Star resorts for $49 per night from Aug 9 to Oct 3? Even with the teen, you should consider getting connecting or ajoining rooms. The advantages of staying on site just can't be beat. Early Entry, free transportation, package delivery, etc.

For air flights, consider using the Expedia or Lowestfare websites. In January, I booked round trip tickets for 4 of us on Lowestfare for about $900, saving about $700 from the travel agent.

I think you can get a discount on the Universal tickets using AAA. Also, if you join the Disney Club ($40), you can get discounts on your hoppers.

I also found the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World book to be very helpful. There is a new 2001 edition out. It gives you TONS of information about the parks with detailed descriptions of each and every one of the attractions, hotels, restaurants, water parks, etc. It's worth it!

Good luck on your planning!



If you are near an airport serviced by SW, they usually have the lowest airfares.
Hi Disneymom...and Welcome to the DIS!! The best place to start is on our Budget Board where you will find tips on all sorts of good values. This board is geared toward the Theme Park attractions themselves. I will move your post to our Budget Board and you may check there for all your replies! Good luck! :)

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you have came to the right place. i started looking here about 6weeks ago for our trip in september and i have learned so much. the rate at asmo is a great deal for august 9 - oct3. we are going in september we have 2 rooms 6nights 7days total price is 659. good luck on your planning ;)

but tackle one part at a time.
1. Since the ability to get affordable flights can be time sensitive and you have a large # of travelers, you may want to start with this first. Once you know when you are actually arriving everything else like rental car, hotel etc. falls into place. Check airline internet sites for the lowest poss. prices & specials. Play with times and dates sometimes it can make a difference. Then check places like hotwire, yahoo travel to compare rates. Finally go to travel Sheryl's Priceline board to see what others are getting and how to be success bidding at Priceline. If you never used Priceline before please visit Sheryl's site and read, read, read BEFORE ACTUALLY BIDDING!
2. Then arrange lodging. Priceline is great for off-site. Check Mary Waring site for specials ,etc... if staying on-site.
That should keep you really busy for a while. Relax and have fun. Read some of the older messages on this board for more help.

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Will hubby ever let us stay anywhere else? :rolleyes:
I don't know if this will help, but US Air is having a Summer fare special. I called them tonight, and they were as helpful as could be. :)


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You will LOVE this board!!! I love it!!! I have seen MANY people staying on site at WDW for $49 a night at the personal recomendation is to stay on for at least a few nights!!!

It is VERY much worth it!!! Call CRO (1 407 WDISNEY) and ask if there are any manager specials or special codes for the dates that you want to go!!!

Also, check the RESORT forum on this board, you will see a lot of people posting certain can always email them and ask them what code they used, to see if you qualify (for example, see if you live in a state that they are offering a special code to)!!!

Good luck,

If you are going to consider Priceline start here on TravelSheryl's board. Read the FAQ & the orlando hotels sections. Look for bonus money opportunities.

Staying off site should be cheaper, although the all stars rate is really good if you can go in august. Feel free to email me for more info about that. Does anyone know about the extra adult fee at WDW resorts? Does it start at 18? If so, and if you got 2 rooms and they included 2 adults each, you would still have to pay for one extra person.

We rented a 3Br, 3 bath condo in July last year for about $150/night. we would have needed 3 hotel rooms. it also had two kitchens so we saved a lot on food.

happy planning!
I noticed that you mentioned you were flying down to Disney with your children. It might be a good idea to check around the different airlines you might be flying and see if they offer a 'student discount' if your children are in school still.

I know that most major airlines do in fact offer some kind of a reduction in pricing for student tickets.

Most 'Disney' guide books found in many stores have a host of information about the prices of lodging options (that is listed accordingly to the low/moderate/high seasons) which feature hotels both inside and outside of Disney property.

That way, you'll get the lowdown on how much you are roughly likely to pay during the time of year in which you visit and at what particular place.

They also give information concerning costs of food as well as miscellaneous expenses that are to be expected onsite and in the general Kissimmee/Orlando area.

So, if you are indeed working within a specific budget you will have an exact idea upfront the 'amount' of money you are dealing with while planning for your trip (working in park ticket costs, hotel, food, and misc).

These books also have little tidbits about saving money while visiting Disney such as making breakfast your biggest meal of the day, visiting the more expensive restaurants at lunchtime when menu prices are significantly lower, taking advantage of many coupons offered locally, etc.

Also, they even reccommend several hotels that have been found to have reliable and great accomodations over time at rates ranging form very expensive to least expensive (to fit every individual's personal taste along with budget).

Since you are traveling with more than four in your party you might find it beneficial to take advantage of a 'suite hotel', condo, or villa instead because of their special advertised rates at the time of booking; with a lot of them even offering complimentary continental breakfasts.

There are many located in the area with diverse floor plans to choose from which are literally right up the road from all the theme parks while being at arms length to many kinds of quality moderately priced restaurants, gift shops, and other attractions.

Most offer such things as kitchenettes with microwaves, sofas, and refrigerators that the whole family can use. Many people on this board have found these type accomodations to be a wonderful source of savings and convenience for their stay (you can do a search at this site to hear about some of their experiences).

I hope you and your family enjoy your vacation.


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