Please explain sleeping situation for family of 4


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Sep 6, 2003
What type of cabin is that? I remember my balcony cabin as not having any space to move with the trundle out.
Not my picture, I was looking for one with trundle to show PP. We are booked on Harmony for Nov in Large Ocean Balcony Room and I know it won't be that wide.

I'm thinking this is a Family Stateroom. There are a variety of them, and they all seem wider.


Apr 2, 2010
I didn't like the idea of a sofa bed for the kids (takes up a lot of floor space) so for $200 more I booked the kids in their own room directly across from mine. We got an extra room credit so the price was hardly any more. Plus 2 bathrooms. Win win for everyone. (This will be on the Allure.) My girls will be 15 and 12 for this cruise.

Good call. With one bathroom and two girls at that age you'd probably never get to use it. With two bathrooms you might get to use one.
I agree! I only have the one teen girl (and one boy that takes almost as long as his sister) and I know we appreciate the extra bathrooms.


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May 2, 2011
We were concerned about sharing the room with our teenagers. We're looking at the Radiance for Alaska next year. Some of the pictures with pullmans look like the pullman isn't above the sofa, it's actually above the main bed which didn't appeal to us at all. In another picture, I believe it was an interior that slept 4 they had a trundle - but it was actually under the main bed, so to sleep 4, the main beds were required to be seperated with the trundle in between them and then one person slept on the sofabed.

Those configurations didn't work for us, so we looked at booking 2 interiors, which was cheaper than 1 balcony, slightly more expensive than one Oceanview, but very close. But instead we stumbled on to a family oceanview - there were only 6 of them on the ship (ours is room 8000) on the ship. It has a tiny seperate sleeping area with an actual twin bed and a pullman above it and then a bed and a couch in the main area. This was the most expensive oceanview but still cheaper than a balcony. I think we'll appreciate the space, but there is still a part of me considering the 2 interiors just to get the second bathroom.
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    Oct 9, 2009
    On the Oasis class ships, the ocean view rooms and many of the interior rooms have the sofa and a pullman. The balcony rooms have the double sofa. I was stunned that our room for 4 on Harmony only had THREE beds. We have been on every major line and NEVER had this issue before. We are taking an aerobed and we are going to make it work, but it was a shock. There is no way my kids can sleep together in a double bed, and have anyone get any sleep.


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    Aug 21, 2007
    question - is your bed in the centre of the cabin or closer to the balcony?
    The bed / sofa alternate and some are near the bath and some the balcony.

    I wanted to also chime in about sleeping for a kid - we always shared the smallest interior room on the lowest deck - and it was fine! Everyone made it work - even when we were 2 high school girls!!

    BUT - a few years ago my family of 4 took a cruise in a single balcony state room with a sofa bed. Again - everything was FINE! We brought some things to help keep the room organized and used as much vertical space as we could and it was totally managable. Our kids were 4 and 8 I think.

    When we went to book our next cruise - I first looked at a room for 4, but after seeing a tip on another board I checked the price for 2 double occupancy rooms. It was only $100 more to book 2 rooms for the entire week!! We were even early enough to get adjoining rooms - we had a giant balcony (divider removed) and TWO bathrooms and 400sq feet of space!! We booked this cruise 13 months out - and deals are better then - but it’s definitely something everyone should check on!!


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    Apr 19, 2011
    We have found that on Oasis class there are very few standard cabins that meet our needs and I am not willing to pay for the suites that would. Our kids are a 15 year old boy and 16 year old girl. Our son is tall and large framed (size 14 shoes). There is no way they can share the sleeper sofa. We book connecting cabins, but there are few connecting cabins for ships this size. It often feels like RCCL doesn't think about families with their cabin designs.
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