Please Check In At The Door!!


Apr 23, 2000
We would hate to think we left anyone behind! Check in here with us so we won't have to send out a search party for you!!

Wow, I think I made it in and even got the time zone correct.:bounce:
I think I'm missing pieces of my signature.

Could you all check under your seats and see if some of my signature may have slid back during landing?:jester:

Boy a new home............and new things to get used to. :bounce: I need to figure it all outred ........looks difficult to me !!!!

Wow, lost some of my signature line as well.
Checking in but not wake enough to negotiate new stuff yet:confused: looks like fun though.
I'm here! Sheeez. I only just found you guys last week or so. Now, I have to go on a scavenger hunt to keep up with you!

you didn't move just because I found you did you????? LOL

Present and accounted for! Still have to adjust a few things but all in all things look great!
Wow, this is great - thanks to everyone for all their hard work.lovingthemouse and figmentforever :)
I made it, too. Will take a little getting used to, but I like it!
I am glad you did this, I did not realize we had to go through the whole process of logging in.

Signed in, don't know if I'm in the right timezone, but that has nothing to do with the computer.

Was looking at the buttons below the comments, and read "pm" as "pin" and thought we had a a PIN button - couldn't imagine what that was going to do, but sounds interesting. If I sent Figgy an empty private message, I apologize -LOL!

The boards look great!:jester:


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