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    We will be going to WDW for 9 days in December. My now 2 year old will be a brand new 3 year old :scared1: and will be on the Dining Plan along with us. We only will be doing the Counter Service Dining Plan as enjoying table meals with not so enjoyable (hoping that changes soon!). We will pay OOP for character dining and a nice meal or 2. But the bulk of our meals will be at the quick service/counter service places.

    What places do you recommend that offer a "better" than chicken nuggets and hot dogs type of meal for children? I also heard there are a few places that don't have a kids meal, so technically the kids can order form the adult menu? Is that true? Will it take one of her "Kids Counter Service Credits" or will it take one of the adults? I'm thinking that if I write down the names of the "better food" spots we could try to visit 1 a day. I just don't want her stocking up for 9 days on crap.

    Sorry for so many questions, this is our first time on the dining plan! Hubby is a mega eater...I'm a pretty darn good eater myself, and DD is a bottomless pit and eats everything(sushi, seafood, steak, everything!) We are staying at AoA and visiting all the parks, DTD and are open to visiting other resorts for non-chugget food! :)
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    We've never done the dining plan, but we do have a DD who doesn't like Disney mac n cheese. Her favorite meal of the trip was Tokyo Dining (table service) - tempura chicken, sticky rice, and green beans served in a monorail shaped plate.

    I'm going through the quick service menus to find some suggestions for you. I'll just list places that have something different than the standard kids meal fare - I'm sure a lot of the options still won't be all healthy, but at least she won't be eating nuggets every day. There are some places without a kids meal, where you'd be able to use her credit, but I don't know what locations those are. The healthier kids meals are more to be found at table service in my experience. However, they do offer healthy side options. My DD would have carrots and grapes or applesauce and yogurt as her quick service sides.

    Animal Kingdom
    You're kind of out of luck for the quick service kids meals that are "better." They have pizza, nuggets, PB&J, hot dogs, and burgers - and that's about it. DH and I enjoyed Yak & Yeti counter service, but the kids menu there isn't Asian - it's the same old stuff. DD ended up getting breadsticks at Pizzafari (might count as a snack credit?).

    Hollywood Studios
    ABC Commissary, Rosie's All American Cafe and Fairfax Fare have a kids turkey sandwich. One of the spots on Sunset Blvd has cute little box lunches now (as of March 2012). This was awesome for us: yogurt, goldfish, carrots and a cookie with milk to drink. It was nice and portable too. I'm not sure if other parks have these.

    Electric Umbrella has a chicken wrap. Sunshine Seasons (near Soarin) has a lot of variety. There is a kids sweet & sour chicken with rice, Caesar salad with chicken, chicken leg with mashed potatoes, plus lots of side options (might have to pay OOP for those). Japan has a teriyaki chicken with rice and veg. Mexico has a chicken empanada. China has a sweet & sour chicken.

    Magic Kingdom
    We like Columbia Harbour House. For kids the non-standard item is a tuna fish sandwich - and one of the available sides is a kids yogurt. We liked being able to order a side of steamed broccoli instead of fries with the adult meals. Pecos Bills, Sunshine Terrace (Adventureland) and Cosmic Ray's have a turkey sandwich. Pinocchio's has a grilled cheese and spaghetti with meatballs. Tortuga Tavern (open seasonally) has a quesadilla.

    The way our family eats, we've had a lot more success without the dining plan. Hopefully you can find a variety of options your daughter will enjoy without having to spend a ton extra out of pocket. :goodvibes
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    Princessbride did an excellent job...I just have to add that you can always share if your DD will eat adult food.

    I have a DH who would always eat chicken nuggets and fries or an uncrustable AND a DS who will ordered grilled salmon, calamari, etc. :lmao:

    If you find places that give you carrots, uncrustable, and could always use those as snacks after you share the adult meals.

    There used to be a sticky with places that did not have kids meals...although it is shrinking. Yes, if they don't have kids meals, you order a meal and they take one of her credits. (Unless things have changed credits used to be pooled anyhow for Counter Service, so it doesn't really matter whose credits they take)

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