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Oct 23, 2004
This counter service restaurant is located in Fantasyland. If you are a lover of Lady and the Tramp then this Italian themed restaurant will do the job just nicely. Enjoy a choice of pastas, pizzas and salads.
It is ideally located for watching the parade if you have not grabbed one of the more popular spots earlier.

This restaurant is also the venue for the Good Morning Fantasyland breakfast, when Au Chalet de Marionnette is not used.
Apart from Disneyland Hotel and Davy Crocket Ranch on-site guests and elect to take their breakfast in the park and benefit for early park entry. Continental breakfast is offered.

Link to other restaurant reviews :)

Okay as previously announced we are hoping the boards can help :goodvibes If you have photographs of the restaurant and the food. If you have eaten here and can write a review. Even a couple of lines of what you liked, things to watch out for.. would be appreciated if you posted below :)


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Jan 3, 2001
The theming is lovely inside this restaurant. while I can't comment on the pasta dishes, I highly recommend the tiramisu and cafe creme - made for a very relaxing afternoon stop.

As I have noted elsewhere, it is a little difficult to find places where one can have afternoon coffee (Kaffeepause) like I am used to, so this is a good option for anyone looking for a tasty afternoon treat (often the full service restaurants do not permit one to just have coffee/tea/cake on a busier day)


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Oct 23, 2005
This restaurant has lovely theming inside and is a lovely change from Burger and fries. The Lasagne and pasta with sauce is a favourite with my DD and my DS loves the mickey shaped pizza. The salads are large and rather tasty on a summers day. They also offer garlic bread and a wider range of deserts.

If you sit outside the restaurant it is a great place to see the parade.:thumbsup2
  • SandraVB79

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    Oct 7, 2005
    Pizza with ham and mushrooms:

    Pasta Napolitana:

    The paper thing on the tray, I liked it a lot!



    Earning My Ears
    Apr 16, 2007
    We ate here last week and it was one of the best meals ever as there are no chips involved LOL!!

    Definitely recommend the set menu no. 1 and a kids meal.


    Aug 23, 2007
    My daughter had the pasta as she is allergic to milk products so the pizzas were a no go, for a fussy eater she ate half the pasta (although she then proceeded to vomit it back up again-don't blame the food she does this often) But as she likes it, it must be therefore very very very good stuff!

    I had a pizza, can't remember what one it was but it wasnt very warm but it tasted nice.

    I liked the themeing of the place, there were even a few birds hopping about the place, most would think this was unhygenic I would agree if they were big ugly pigeons but they were small little cute cinderella type helper birds! So that was ok.

    Stitch's Girl

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    Jun 28, 2008
    I love this restraunt, its a change from burgers and chips, i loved the pizza! Me and my mum usually get menu one and two and share it...its lovely and very reasonable priced under 10 euro each!

    definately going back on my trip which starts tomorrow..infact i will probably have my tea in the bella notte tomorrow!:)

  • scampbunny

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    Mar 5, 2008
    ate here on 15th april 2009.
    large portions and very delicious pizza - i had the 4 cheese pizza, and couldnt finish it!! the boys had the childrens meal, and both had a mickey pizza, apple quarter/ice cream, & orange juice, and it also came with a little wind up toy (which they both love!!)

    prices as follows....
    kids meal - €6 - pizza/pasta, yoghurt/ice cream/apple/cake, drink
    pizza - €8,50
    pastas from €6,95.

    meal deals...
    menu pasta - €10,95 - pasta, salad/garlic bread & drink
    menu fraicheur - €12,95 - salad, garlic bread/savoury bread, desert & drink
    menu pizza - €12,95 - pizza, salad/garlic bread, desert & drink.

    also offer teatime deals - €3,50 - mickey brioche & hot drink, or for an extra €2,50 a larger hot drink in a souvenir mug.


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    Apr 15, 2009

    we ate there in january went esp for pasta but when got to counter were told no pasta only pizza, we had waited for a table for bout 15min and the kids were settled so decided to order the pizzas glad we did coz they were yummy!! hope they have pasta back on the menu when we visit in june.


    Mar 3, 2009
    We ate there last month and loved it and are only sorry we hadn't eaten there before.

    Hubby and I had the pizza meal for 12.95 and could have eaily managed one between us! I had the salmon pizza which was delicious and a gorgeous tiramisu! The kids had a pasta meal which, again, they could have easily split between them.

    All in all, the food was fresh, piping hot and superb value for money.


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    Mar 28, 2008
    Lovely pizzas, lovely theming. Definitely a favourite with us for a quick snack. :thumbsup2
  • Belle's World

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    Nov 30, 2008
    We ate at Pizzaria Bella Notta for lunch on Thursday 18th June. We chose to share a pasta menu which consisted of penne pasta, garlic bread, a drink and a chocolate mickey shape doughnut. The pasta was very hot and tasty I was surprised it was served in a cardboard box but it did the job. The garlic bread was nice and the doughnut was a surprise as we expected it to be filled with jam. The restaurant was practically empty at about 12pm as it is tucked out of the way just around the corner from It’s a small world. The service was fast and the tables clean. We would definitely eat here again for a quick, quiet, relatively cheap counter service meal. It was also nice to have fast food that wasn’t burgers hotdogs and fries. We also went back to ask for additional cutlery and were given this straight away. If you like the film Lady and the Tramp then you really should look in this restaurant. The pillars are statues of the chefs from the restaurant which feeds the dogs and there are big paintings on the walls. You can also sit outside if you wish.


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    Feb 9, 2008
    we ate here in march 08, although didnt see anything with Lady and Tramp on.

    DD had the infant menu which was mickey shaped cheese and tomato pizza and the usual drink, colouring puzzle etc, didnt come with chips which was a shame.

    Me and DH had a pizza to share which was very nice but not big enough to share

    It was very quiet so got a table easily although it was quiet we had the longest wait time to be served here than anywhere else we ate.

    I recommend the food


    Nemo's Best Friend
    Jan 30, 2008
    I ate here last October and have to say that I was very unimpressed. The theming is lovely (as is all of DLP) but the food was very average and not really nice having to eat it out of a cardboard box. The people taking the order were thoroughly miserable and I personally won't be going back, I think the buffet in the Cheyenne (although more expensive) is 100 times better.


    Jul 15, 2009
    We ate here on Tue Aug 4, 2009. I'd say it's good value for money. We had the set pizza meal, which has gotten (slightly) cheaper if I compare it to the prices in post #8 by scampbunny, since there was a VAT reduction in France, we now paid around 12.20 euro per menu.
    My menu: * 3 cheeses Mickey pizza, a little tasteless, not very outspoken
    * veggie salad, quite large, very nice
    * fruit salad, pineapple and apple chunks with sweet red fruits sauce on the side (which I liked a lot)
    * 0,5 litre Ice Tea (if you buy a soft drink separately here, it's 2.90 euros for 0.5 litres, and it comes nice and cold with a lot of ice! not a bad deal IMHO)

    My BF had: * 3 cheeses Mickey pizza, see above
    * garlic bread, was a bit dry, but there was a lot of it
    * tiramisu, which was nice but a bit small
    * 0.5 litre Coke

    We ate here at 5.45pm, and there was plenty of room. The meal was very filling. I would go here again (although I might go for pasta then).


    Mar 26, 2009
    I ate here last October and have to say that I was very unimpressed. The theming is lovely (as is all of DLP) but the food was very average and not really nice having to eat it out of a cardboard box. The people taking the order were thoroughly miserable and I personally won't be going back,.
    I agree, we ate there on 28th July, food was Ok but it took so long that i thought they were having to invent the pizza!:rotfl:

    I think the buffet in the Cheyenne (although more expensive) is 100 times better.
    I also agree about the cheyenne it was delicious especially the massive salad bar. Would highly recommend.:thumbsup2


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    Aug 7, 2008
    we ate here in march with our free dining vouchers. we got one pasta meal with garlic bread and a coke, one pizza meal with a salad and a coke,two magnum ice creams and one kids meal with a mickey pizza, orange juce and a yoghurt drink.

    my mam really enjoyed her pasta and garlic bread. i really like pizza and to be honest it was pretty dire. i ate about half of it but i didnt enjoy it. ashleigh liked hers and ate it all.

    the staff here were really nice. ash hurt herself off the chains at the counter and a cm called me straight away to ask her was she alright and said dont cry little princess to her. he then asked did i want to sit down and he would bring the food down to me. i could see it was almost sorted so i said i was fine. also another cm was flashing a laser at ash and she thought she was doing magic with her straw so it was really funny to watch her lol.

    i would eat here again but i wouldnt get the pizza.


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    Apr 15, 2009
    We ate her jan 09 sorry abit outa date, but they had no pasta dishes at all which was kinda annoying as this is the reason we had come in here. We got the pizza and tbh it wasnt great and i luv pizza. Would only eat here again if they had pasta back on the menu.


    Aug 12, 2010
    Grabbed a quick lunch here this week as both my children practically live off pasta...

    Paid 30 euro for 2 childrens' meals - pasta, drink and ice cream, 1 adults pasta, 1 chicken salad, a coke and a coffee.

    It was hot, fresh and tasty although a bit more than I'd have like to have paid for what it was in all honesty.

    Asker Family

    Aug 27, 2010
    We ate here while waiting for the dream parade last wednesday tea time. There was only one person in front of me in the queue and we got the food very quickly. We had a royale pizza, a 4 cheeses pizza, portion of garlic bread (which was quite small and well done) and 2 cokes. I think it cost about 24 euros and was enough for 2 adults and 3 children to share as a snack and was just what we needed. We sat outside at one of the tables and watched the world go by. We probably would eat here again and were happy with the service.


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