Pictures of the various views/rooms at the Portifino Bay Hotel

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    I was wondering if anyone has inks to sites that show the various room types/views at hte Portifino Bay Hotel!

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    Apr 7, 2002
    I have no pictures but I can offer you two totally different views from the three rooms we had two weeks ago.

    1: 2674 Was a QN room N/bacony could see the Villa Pool from the windows

    2: Connecting to 2674 was 2676 That room was a QN room with a balcony it was dead center the Villa Pool. Said to be the nicest room on the Villa Side.

    3: 2665 This was our room. King Bed Nice balcony overlooking the Beach Pool DEAD CENTER! We had a perfect view of the fire work on the 4th . If you could have seen them any better I don't know where you had to be! Felt as if they were 2 ft in front of our eyes. And from what I understand fireworks are going on until Labor Day. This room will connect to 2663 which is the same type room with a balcony.

    There are only 22 balcony rooms of the 750 they offer. The manager at PBH (at the time) hooked me up with this rooms. Said they were the best in the house for a Del. Pool View. I have to agree. You take the elevator down and boom your 10 ft straight ahead to the Beach or Villa Pools taking a left or right as you exit the elevator corridor. A set of steps up and down and your at the boat dock. This rooms rocked and I have requested and been granted these rooms 2665/2663 for our trip next month with another couple we are taking. Sorry no Pic's but I hope this helps. These rooms are all refered to as Villa Wing rooms. Some are DEL and some are standard. I paid 180 @ rm ent rate for the 4, 5, th of July this year.

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