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    I give up. No time to write coherent, themed reports. The pictures keep piling up. So I am going to try something new - just a thread with links to various Disney EXPERIENCES, also posted thematically in their "proper" thread.

    If you like pictures, subscribe. If you are looking for information, it may be hit or miss. I'll add a new post for each new Disney EXPERIENCE, and update this Table of Links as well - that way, the subscriber will know when something is new. The new reader will be able to skip to picture posts.

    Onward, and in no particular order!! ("order" - "cohesion" - that is what has held me up for the last couple of weeks - shortage of time and no plan for coherence - which I value, but am not prepared to supply for this particular endeavor)

    Table of Links


    Todd English's Blue Zoo - 2009 Food & Wine Signature Dinner

    Victoria & Albert's - Picture Trip Report - January, 2009
    Victoria & Albert - A Once-in-a-Decade Dinner, for the second time in 2009 (May)
    Victoria & Alberts - Join me in my Dining Scheherazade (Night #3 Sep 17, 2009)
    Victoria & Albert - Dining Scheherazade Night #4 - "Table for One" - 17 OCT 09

    The Wave - May, 2009 - Zellwood Corn - Tables in Wonderland Dinner
    The Wave - February, 2010 - Strawberries - Tables in Wonderland Dinner


    Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House - added 05 NOV 09
    Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village - added 05 NOV 09
    Animal Kingdom Lodge - Very Friendly Staff - and View from AKL stairwell - added 05 NOV 09


    Backstage Magic - October 16, 2009 - added 10 NOV 09
    Ft Wilderness - Archery

    Disney Cruise Line

    Castaway Cay - Flying Dutchman - Caribbean Sky - Picture
    Spa Villa for One
    Tortola - Shore Excursion, The Baths - May 26th
    Catch "Pub Night" on the 7 night Magic, if you can
    Parasailing on Castaway Cay - Shot with Canon D10 - May 29 10:30 am

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    Nice pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I so want to stay there sometime.:)

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