Pics of VWL 1 Bedroom


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Nov 17, 2001
In last night's chat my DW CrazyBoutDisney promised I would post these pic. These pics were taken during our first trip home in the last week of Nov 2001.





















Beautiful pics! I have to try and make the DVC chat one of these Sundays!

Thank you so much for the pics!!!We arrive on Sunday and now I am even MORE excited (if that's possible.)
Is that a dishwasher I see in the kitchen? if so, do they provide detergent? or do I need to pack that? Thanks!!!!
Yup, there's a dishwasher. :) They provide detergent to start with. Not sure if they'll replace it free if you run out or not -- we had a 2 bdr. for 7 days, 6 people, ran that thing every day and never ran out of detergent. :)

BTW, Dave, thanks for posting all the great pictures!
Great pictures, Dave!

You know, it was that attractive chair in the living room (2nd picture) that really sold me on VWL.........not!

Don't get me wrong....most people here know how much I love my VWL. But that chair....what is up with that design?

Personally, I think the chair would go great with the BCV interior and they should try something else at VWL (can you say muted earthtone?). :D
Thanks for the nice photos! That last one of the pool is beautiful! Ahhh, 60 more days and I'll be there!! :smooth:
DisneyHumbug, they will provide you with dishwasher powder. Just ask if you run out. (They would rather NOT have guests bring their own.) They also replenish toilet paper, liquid dishwashing liquid, Kleenex...just about everything with the exception of the laundry detergent and bathroom toiletries.
Pam - thanks so much for the info! I was just on my way to Wal Mart, now I can pare down my list.
Very nice Pics, but I'll take my larger OKW villas everytime.
Nice pics, but I agree with Basser - OKW rules!! Honestly, I'm not trying to start any fuming arguments but there's no comparison to the room sizes. And those balcony's ! OMG they are SOOOO tiny!!

Thanks for taking the time to post though! :)
Can't we *please* just leave it at complementing the resort that you like best, when it's appropriate, *without* making nasty comments about the other resorts? Saying things that aren't very nice, and then saying 'really, not to start a fight or anything' doesn't make what you just said any nicer.

And one of you had just done the same exact thing on another thread, unnecessarily criticizing ALL of the other onsite DVC resorts (spontaneously, without any sort of context for doing so) - your post on the other thread upset me, but I decided not to respond, to just let it go, and then you come on over here and do it again!

Really, guys, we ALL have our own individual tastes about what we want in a resort. Some people want size, some want location, some want the decor to be a certain way - why can't we just leave it at that? You like what you like and other people like whatever they like?

Why the need to publicly criticize something that other people feel as strongly positive about as you do about OKW? How would you feel if people just started posting nasty things about OKW?
RELAX for pete's sake! First off, there was nothing "nasty" in any of my posts thank you very much. When you compare rooms at OKW to rooms at BW, BC and WL there is no debate on "big vs. small". That's not being "nasty" that's a little thing called being "honest".

In any of my posts I'm neither being "nasty" or "criticizing" - I'm being HONEST. So if I sparked any anger from you which I obviously did - it was not intentional - it was just giving my objective opinion which we are all allowed to do. There's no rules about where you can and can't post on these boards, nor is there rules of what you can and can't say (within normal reason of course). No attacks were made by me - so don't attack me.

By the way - if anyone wants to start staying "nasty" things about OKW - bring it on!!! It's a no-win battle and I've got better things to do then "argue" on the computer!! I actually do have a life :)

Did you make me angry? No. But your two posts this morning read to me as demeaning to the people who own at the other resorts. It's one thing to get on a 'Gee, Isn't OKW Great?' Thread and go 'Yeah!!!!'

It's another thing to get on a 'Gee, isn't VWL Great?' Thread and go on about how inferior VWL is to the resort that you prefer.

If you don't see the difference between those two things, then I'm sorry you don't understand what I'm talking about.

Have a great day!

By the way, Thank you SO much for posting the beautiful photos! Excellent work!!! :D

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Hi dave H,
Your pictures are wonderful! are these digital pictures or regular scanned photographs? If digital, what kind of camera do you have and how much do you compress the picture before you post it? The reason I ask is: I have a digital camera which takes great pictures but when I try to send them by e-mail they get grainy. anyway, your pictures are great. Thanks for sharing them.

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