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Earning My Ears
Sep 28, 1999
Hello All,

I request help with two questions I have:

1. We are staying at OKW next week. Is there any restriction to driving to the Boardwalk area and parking there while visiting the Boardwalk area? We have not stayed at WDW at this time of year so I am not sure how crowds, parking, restrictions work?

2. Can I use valet parking in that area? Must I be a guest at the Boardwalk to do so?

3. I have two conferences I must access while in WDW next week. The numbers are 800 conference calls. Will I incur phone charges as a result of these calls?

Thank you for your help!
There is both self-parking and valet parking at the Boardwalk available to everyone. If you are a DVC member, the $6 valet charge is waived and you just need to give a tip.

I'm not sure about the 800#. I think it will either be totally free or 35 cents. (75 cents for non-DVC).
I've never been charged for an 800# call at a DVC resort (as a member). 35 cents for local calls.
We just got back and parked at both Boardwalk and by the Beach Club Villas without any problem (we were staying at OKW). We were charged .35 for local calls, but calls put on the 800 calling card did not show up on the bill.

Just got home this mornning :(. Wish we were still there. Everything was great!

DVC members are not charged for toll free numbers at any DVC Resort.;)
I don't recall if it was at WDW or somewhere else in Orlando but I remember hearing about toll free numbers being cut off after about 10 minutes. This was in relationship to 800 ISP but it could apply here as well.
DH has used his 800# ISP for work everytime we have gone to OKW. He has never been cut off, and sometimes is on for an hour or more.
My sons use the 800# calling cards to talk to their girlfriends back home. They've never been cut off - and I'm pretty sure their calls are a lot longer than 10 minutes. ;)



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