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Aug 18, 1999
Bring new, shiny 2001 pennies - that way you will know what year you got each pressed coin. Unfortunately it didn't work for our 1/2001 trip, but it will work when we go in August. It's fun to look back and see when you got each one.

Bring your quarters and pennies from home, in a little zip lock bag. We have each child carry heir own in their hippack.

If I'm not mistaken, the press obliterates all the original markings on the coin.
that you should use only pennies that are 1982 or older because they are made from a different metal that presses better. Also, the date does get pressed off. It cannot be seen after it's pressed. Someone on here posted a tip so if you use old pennies, you can clean them to get them shinny again. Use vinegar and salt. Works like a charm!!!
Instead of putting your quarters and pennies in ziplocs TRY THIS, WORKS GREAT!

Buy an M&M Minis in the tube and your coins will stack very neatly in the tube after you eat the candy. The bigger tubes work even better, they hold more coins. Do this ahead of time and every time you go visiting to relatives have the children ask for quarters and pennies. It gives the kids something to strive for and takes the expense off the parents. Did this with my 3 year old and she loved it. Also in WDW they sell the books to hold the pennies for $6


You are so right !! I never noticed the date was pressed off. When my dd would tell me what trip they were from I assumed they were looking at the dates - instead they remembered when they got each one. LOL No need for me to save 2001 pennies.

Yes the vinegar and salt does work,but I've found some don't get as clean as others.

I'm assuming you put the pennies under the wheels on the trolley's or something to press them, like we do on the train tracks, am I right, or way off base? For all I know could be some magical disney thing?
There are machines that do the pressing. Put 51cents in machine, your penny to press plus 50cents for the pressing. We have started doing this at the aquarium, zoo and science center. We are finding that the 1980 pennies do have more copper but they come out dirtier looking but they are heavier. Guess we'll have to try shining them up. My son is getting the Disney pressed penny book as part of his birthday presents in May.

Anyone here know how much this might cost if we find even 1/2 the machines? Thought this would be a great souvenier thingy to do for DD-3yo but, now I'm wondering if one Bigger souvenier might be better? Any ideas? TIA

I know someone will know this and hopefully will help me.... There is an actual site that someone has created for people to know where all the pressed penny locations are, and let me tell you that there are LOTS!!!! If you search, maybe you could find it. I was thinking the same thing, that I could just get a bunch of those, but after seeing the locations, I am not travelling around WDW just to get those, way too many.

For Penny Pressing.

There is another site as well, but at this time it is under construction. Click on the Park that you will be visiting and it tells you where to find them, as well as what the picture on the penney will be.

I just checked our pennys from DL and the local Museums. Some of them you can still see Lincolns Head and the date and some you can't. Couldnt tell you what the condition of the coins were BEFORE pressing, we shine them regularly. There is also ne rhyme or reason on dates, have a 1999 I can see as well as a 1962. The head is on the back. I know there is a trick to putting the coins in so the head appears on the back but I never remember it and always have to try it out first. :)
Kimraye, you can really go overboardbut... If you my last post about the M&M minis super tubes it will help. If you fill one tube with quarters and pennies you will have a nice collection. There are just too many to even think about all of them

empty 35mm film canisters work great too. :)

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I already have on press book filled. it is very addicting. infact a friend of mine is down there now and I had him going nuts looking for pennies and quarters for me! I printed out the list and I check off the ones I have and the ones he just got for me!

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I'm guessing the reason for the head on the back is that the pressing is on the front, and therefore the date would still be visible on the back?
does anyone have a picture they can post of what these pennies actually look like?

Just curious.
Meredith :)
We started doing them at Roger Williams Zoo, Mystic Aquarium and nearby Sci Ctr and they come out with nothing on the back. I dont think youd be able to read a date but I'll try flipping them over next time to see if I can read one. That would be neat to have actual date on penny.
that site is I finally understand exactly what the penny press fans are talking about!

Meredith :)


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