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Aug 10, 2000
Checking out our Sunday paper on the very back is an ad for $99/night for moderate hotels between 02/18/01-04/11/01. There are limited rooms. You must show proof of residency at check-in and when making reservations ask for offer code CLA. The ad also states other rooms available at varying rates. Just wanted to pass along the info....
The ad only says moderate hotels. The moderates are the Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, Dixie/Port Orleans. You can also check disney's website for the moderate hotels..
Which section of the paper? :D

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Great RATE! :) Thanks for the "heads up" to us Pennsylvanians, dllmnmdth!
(and nice to see a "neighbor" posting on the Budget Board - you are right down the road from me! :) )

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haven't made it to the paper yet! but thanks for lettting us know! and hope to see yins at our next pittsburgh dis meet!

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Thanks for the info. Five minutes after reading your post, our Dxl ressie went from $109 to $99 a night.

Bill From PA

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Called today to get a room for Sat. 3/17 (night before we stay at OKW for 5 nights. Nothing available. MS said to keep calling back - there may be cancellations. Only problem is - it's long distance. Is it worth to keep calling back and when is the best time that someone may cancel?
Hi! This ad's not for my state (NY) and we're leaving in 10 days (paying 116.48 for All Star-ugh!) but you can call (800) 828-0228 to keep checking for your discount for PA. I'll keep my fingers crossed meanwhile, for my discount. Good luck!
I had to call 3 times when I was trying to get my OH discount to find a CM willing to go day by day through my dates to get me a good rate. I ended up having to pay regular rate for the last day of my stay but I was OK with that in order to get the discount. The only bad thing was I had to send in 2 deposits.

Good luck!
I was able to call today and get my All-Star reservation changed to Coronado Springs and I am saving $42 on a 6 night stay. I am very grateful to you for posting this info. I never would have known about the discount otherwise! :)


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