Peel and eat shrimp at Crystal Palace


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Feb 16, 2000
Does anyone out there have the recipe for the peel and eat shrimp they serve at the salad bar at the Crystal Palace? It is so good! I would love to be able to make it at home!!

Are they just plain shrimp or do they have seasonings?

When I was at DVC-Hilton Head last May they fixed a shrimp boil. It was just large shrimp boiled with Old Bay seasoning mix. Very simple but wow, was that good!
Friends claim DH makes the best shrimp around (I have an allergy). I don't know how it compares to the Crystal Palace, but lots of folks rave.

He starts with fresh shrimp from the seafood market. He buys Royal Reds with the heads still attached (they're fresher). He gets the medium size because he thinks they have have the best flavor. At home he pulls the heads, then puts them in boiling water with a bag of Zatarain's crab/shrimp boil. He cooks them for just about two minutes, then drains and puts into ice with lots of salt (don't worry, the shrimp doesn't absorb too much of the salt). I think he puts ice, then shrimp, then salt then more ice. Cools it for a few minutes, then fishes out the shrimp and it's ready.

maleficent1959's DH has the right idea, medium shrimp boiled in crab boil (add liquid crab boil if you like it strong like I do) The salt increases the cold of the ice like in old timey ice cream freezers. First, boil some corn on the cob and new potatoes until done and remove before adding the shrimp. Only boil for a few minutes, if you boil shrimp too long it's difficult to peel them once they are over-cooked.

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WorknFires -

Hey neighbor! We're in Pensacola. We've been here about 3 1/2 years and love it. Nothing like Gulf Coast living.
Wow! I had gave up meeting anyone from my area who is a fellow DIS'er. I've gotten to meet several others at WDW from NJ and MO. Now maybe fate has changed. We were in your area this past Sat. (had to come home from WDW :( - going back in Sept :D ) but we try to get over to P'cola as often as we can to try new and unusual restaurants. Maybe you can suggest some good ones. I really like the Hopkins House. So what brought you here? Navy? I've lived here all my life. DH, too, altho he is ex-Navy.

Look forward to hearing from you! We'll have to exchange some great recipes, nothing like southern style cooking (my waistline knows it too! LOL)
Cheryl :bounce:

P.S. DH said that I should add that while I use a dalmatian (I have one) to represent me as WorknFires that my very favorite character is Malificent. That's true! I love the baddies!

Not the Navy, but a similar type of bohemian existence. DH is a history professor at the University of West Florida. We came in August of 1998 from Phoenix where we met in graduate school. We are definitely here to stay unless he gets some kind of dream offer but that's not likely. He pretty much has his dream job here. There are some really good restaurants here. What do you like? We get to Mobile more often now that our nephew is at the Math and Science Academy. We break him out for weekends!

DH is originally from New Mexico, me from Michigan. His sister is in Prattville, brother in Houston, parents here now. My maternal family is still in MI but father and his kin are in North and South Carolina.

Sorry Leslie, we've kinda taken over your thread. Hope the explanations for boiling shrimp worked great for you.

Tina, send me an email to and we'll keep up our conversation.

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