PCC 5.0 Roomate Wanted

Discussion in 'Podcast Cruises' started by Loves2Read, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Loves2Read

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    May 1, 2011
    So, I feel kind of like I'm writing a personal ad.

    I'm a first time cruiser looking for a roommate for Podcast Cruise 5.0. Really hoping to avoid that single supplement and take advantage of the early pricing. I am a female in my late 20s. Disney junkie and long time DIS lurker. I'm willing to answer any questions you might have.

    It was pointed out to me that some more information might be helpful.

    I don't know much about cruising, this would be my first cruise. But, if past trips to WDW are any indication, I like to fill my days. I probably wouldn't be much for just sitting by the beach, but I think many of the shore excursions look interesting. I'm flexible between early and late dining. I'm a fan of Mickey bars anytime, though by midnight I'm likely to be asleep. I'm never going to be found jogging, early or otherwise. I'm a very sound sleeper, so no worries about snorers. I've been to WDW twice and enjoy Disney history both parks and otherwise.

  2. aurora61

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    Aug 6, 2011
    I am also looking for a roommate. I am a 52 year old female. This would be my first Disney cruise (any cruise for that matter). I'm an early to bed and early to rise kind of person.

    As far as my sleeping habits I've never been told that I snore. It does take me awhile to go to sleep however.

    I've made several trips to WDW and couple to Disneyland. I like to collect Disney things, especially Mickey Mouse. I love the history of things. I enjoy meeting new people and having new experiences.
  3. Mickeefan

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    Aug 25, 1999
    Did either of you find roommates?

    I *might* be in need of a roommate if I can't convince a friend of mine to join me. ;)

    At the time of sailing, I'll be a single 50-year-old female. I am an early to bed kind of person at home, but can be persuaded to stay up later. I've been on one Disney cruise in 2009 & several (7) Royal Caribbean cruises. I've visited Disneyland once and WDW many times.

    I will be talking to my friend this coming weekend about possibly doing this cruise, so I won't know until next week if I need a roommate or not.
  4. OKW Lover

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    Apr 29, 2004
    Just giving this thread a bump in case folks are still looking. The more the merrier.

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