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    So we have been on several cruises but have always had a car. We are thinking about using the DCL transfers both from WDW to PC then PC to MCO. I've heard that DCL picks up in the early afternoon from WDW which I'm not fond of (we are used to getting to PC by 11). I'm wondering how boarding works from PC to the airport. We usually are one of the first families off the ship (we skip breakfast). Is there a bus waiting early on to bring you to the airport or are you given an assigned time to board a bus? Our flight will be at noon. Thanks
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    DCL transfers from WDW resorts to PC will pick-up around 11:30-12:30, with arrival at PC around 1:00-2:00pm. Exact times can't be pin-pointed until they know how many passengers and at which resorts, so the info will be provided to you the day prior.

    DCL transfers from PC to MCO - you can get on the first bus heading to the airport if you wish to depart the ship that early. They are not assigned, numbered, etc. There will be multiple buses waiting, as soon as 1 fills it will leave and they'll start to fill the next.

    Enjoy your cruise!

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