PBH room choice ..advice?


Mar 9, 2001
I am about to book a deluxe pool view room, but am seeking advice before I do.
1.What should I specify in my request for best location,room size etc.?
2.My tour agent says this is a Club Room category.
What does this mean?
3.How do I get a folding bed for a 5th. person &
will the room take it ?

Sorry about such pedantic questions but the expense makes it necessary !
Deluxe pool views are located in the west wing, which is where you want to be. The west wing is closest to the main pool, boat launch and villa pool. The DPV rooms are the largest (excluding kid suites & suites), these were the old "Villa" rooms. I don't know what your TA means by Club room, since the Villa lounge was done away with quite a while ago. The DPV offer a few extra amenities, such as fax machine and cd player.


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