Paying off KTTW Cards


Earning My Ears
May 6, 2002
I am trying to figure out how much cash to bring with me. If we charge everything to the KTTW cards - is there a limit before we have to pay it down??

I don't get paid until the Thursday of the week we are on vacation (3 days before we go home). I was hoping to pay off my KTTW charges with my bank card so when I go home I have NO DEBTS!!

I was wondering if we had to make payments when we reach a certain amount on the card. Can someone explain to me how the KTTW cards work.

If I can charge most things - will $100 in cash (mostly small bills for tips and airport purchases) be enough to carry??

Many thanks - you have all been so helpful!!
They will only let your shipboard account reach around $200 and then they will request a cash payment or charge on to the card that you place on file. Could you possibly place a charge card on file then immediately pay that balance from your check card when you arrive home?
What we usually do when we travel - especially with Disney - is set aside the money once we've decided what we're doing into what we call our "vacation" account at the credit union. It adds to the regular deposits we make every payday.

Then we use a credit card against our KTTW card - when the bill comes I transfer the money to my checking account and pay it off.

That's the approach I've always wished I could manage. One of these days I'll learn to discipline myself. It makes great sense.

Check with your payroll dept. We have a set amount deducted from DH's paycheck every payday and sent into the account. It is separate from our other accounts. We've always thought of it as our "vacation" account, although know we COULD tap it in the event of an emergency. Then when I teach an overload or something, I take the "extra" and send it in. Sort of like overtime, you don't miss it if you never see it!

Good luck,
I'll probably put it all on my credit card and pay it off as soon as the bill comes in (I'll use one of my zero balance cards!).

Thanks for the suggestions - I had a feeling it worked that way!

:) :Pinkbounc
Here's an idea. Put it on your credit card, but keep the amount that was billed, and IMMEDIATELY write a check to cover it, and send it in to the bank who issued the card from an envelope you already have addressed and stamped as soon as you get off the ship.

If you want it all to go onto your credit card, then the normal process works fine, but a word of warning to those who DO want to pay cash towards their account: Disney will automatically charge your credit card at regular intervals (I think it's $300), so if you want to pay cash, make sure you get down to Guest Services before your account gets too high! We had some traveler's checks set aside for this purpose and we made it a point to go to Guest Services every day and check our account, and we'd usually give them 50-100 bucks, sometimes more, to keep the account paid down. That way it was done and paid for, and we kept it off of our credit card. Just a 'lil hint!! :)

We put a charge card on file (its an option which is in your cruise document booklet) and used our KTTW card for drinks and purchases on the ship. When you charge a certain amount on your KTTW card (I'm not sure if its $300, 400, or 600) they automatically bill your credit card for that lump sum, which brings your KTTW balance to zero. We found this very convenient. When we got home, we paid our charge card off. You can also stop by the Guest Services desk on the ship and get a print out of your account whenever you want. This will help you keep to a budget.
We also wanted to leave with "no debts", so we put down a credit card upon checking in, but every other day we went to Guest Services and paid off our balance with Traveler's Checks...sometimes putting down $100 more than needed. We brought $1200 in Traveler's Checks and spent right under $1,000...


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