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Earning My Ears
Feb 26, 2001
New to these message boards! Looking to plan for a trip to WDW this June (I know I should have started planning long ago but I just got a wild hair to go). What is the best deal going for 5 people (2 adults, 2 teenagers, 1 child)? Looking mostly for a place to stay on resort property that has some space to the rooms. NOT luxury, just not cramped. Will probably be gone all day, just want to relax at night without being in each others way.
I have never stayed on site, but, if your not looking for luxury, I'm sure one of the moderate resorts would be big enough. I think 1 of them has rooms with a trundle bed???

Does anybody know out there? You might want to post to Disney Resorts board, you might get more of a response.

Also, if you stay offsite you probably could get a suite for the price of a moderate or possibly less!
Dixie Landings (now called Port Orleans Riverside) one of the onsite moderates, has a trundle bed suitable for a child, so you can have 5 people in the room. The rooms are not overly large, but there are 2 sinks which helps with getting ready in the mornings. I've stayed there and found it great, there are 4 of us, but my friend who has 3 kids managed just fine. Just keep yourself organized. DXL is a beautiful resort!



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IMHO, a moderate resort is NOT big enough. We were at Port Orleans two years ago when we were only a family of four (1-1/2 year old, 9 year old) and found it to be cramped. It's only a hotel room with two beds and a SMALL table.

When we were planning our trip for Sept. 2000, I was looking into the home away from homes. (We are now a family of 5). We were originally going to stay at the townhouses at the Institute, but found out about HIFS and decided to change our reservations and stay off-site. We saved probably over $1,000! PLUS, we had a two bedroom suite, a wonderful free breakfast buffet, a fridge and microwave, and a really nice pool (actually they have two of them). I was hesitant about staying off-site, but HIFS is VERY close and having all that extra room really made our vacation way more enjoyable.

So I would look into off-site places before making a decision as to where to stay. With three kids, we will never again stay in a hotel room...we'll always choose a suite and if that means off-site, then that's what we'll do. I can't see paying 3x as much to get more room on-site.

We also like being able to relax in the living room, rather than relaxing ON the beds, which is what you end up doing in a regular room, even if you get two adjoining rooms just to have more space. You still are in two bedrooms

We are a family of 5 and HIFS was excellent. They offer free shuttle service, and are very close to Disney. If not how about 2 rooms at all star resorts.

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The best deal I have seen for a family of five staying on site is to book 2 connecting rooms at AllStar Movies.

Rooms in June are $99 per nite. $198.00 for two rooms (this is w/o tax and before any discounts you can get) Each room can have either a king bed or 2 doubles. Plus with two teenagers 2 bathrooms and TVs will come in handy.

A good option if you want to stay on property. But, I've heard nothing but good things about HIFS. (off site)

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Don't know much about the rates for June though--start calling ASAP! We are going in September again & stayed at a moderate last time with 2 adults & 1 small child & there was just enough room for us. This time we are going with 3 adults & 1 small child & decided on connecting rooms at ASMo. During value season we got a terrific rate of about $67 per room per night! Good Luck!



I appreciate everyone's advice very much. I've been to Disney several times but I'm spoiled and have always stayed on site but I never have had this many people before to worry about cramming into a room. I think I'll check out HIFS. It sounds great. I like the point about relaxing on a couch rather than a bed but the way we operate in a frenzy of activities, the bed looks awfully good late at night when we arrive back at the room! Thanks again.
check the resorts board for some great onsite rates - annual pass or upsells - for May & June. There has been a lot of discussion about it lately, so if you check the first few pages I'm sure you'll find helpful info!

But be warned that if you ask for an opinion there you will be steered toward on site rather than off!

Happy shopping!


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