Part 3, Mardi Gras and Citywalk


Feb 4, 2001
Day 2 evening

We left HRH for Universal at around 6:00. I loved Hollywood Boulevard where we staked out a spot to watch the parade. The buildings were so detailed. It wasn't until I pulled on the door handles that I realized they were not real stores! There was a band playing before the parade started, Lisa Z and the Funhouse. They were great. Many people were dancing and enjoying the show. I loved the stilt walkers and costumed dancers. What a party atmosphere. The parade started right on time and it was much better than I had read or expected. Each of the floats had a different theme, different music, (all of it great)and stilt walkers and dancers milling about the floats. My kids and I had a great time trying to catch the beads. They threw out a lot of them, especially to children. My sister shamelessly exploited her baby and came away with tons of beads! We all loved the parade and had a great time. It was an added bonus to be there during Mardi Gras. We stayed behind for about 10 minutes to let the crowds thin out then headed back to HRH.

When we got back our delicious milk and cookies were waiting. Yum!! The view from the rooms to the Portofino at night was beautiful! Since my sister and I weren't feeling too tired, and my mom voluteered to watch all three kids, We decided to check out Citywalk.

There were a couple of guys putting on a show outside at Citywalk which was a lot of fun to watch. They recruited people to come up on stage to dance for beads and boy was it hysterical. The less rythem some people have the less them seem to realize it!

We went in to "The Groove" where the D.J.was playing Techno music. I love to dance but I can only tolerate this music for about 15 minutes. There was only one guy dancing wildly by himself. Now I have to tell everyone what happened next because it made my year. A very cute young man started talking to my sister and I and asked us if we were here on Spring Break! I almost fell over. I said thank you but it's been about 20 years since we've been on Spring Break. We also had some college lacrosse players ask us what college we went to later on that night at Bob Marleys! Needless to say, the lighting (or lack of it), in these places is very flattering!

After the Groove we went to Motown were the music was classic disco and people of all ages where dancing, whith 75% of those dancing being female. (What else is new?) We danced some there and then headed over to Bob Marley's. This was the most happening of all the bars. The band was great, then when the band stopped the D.J. played great tunes. We happen to love reggae. Everyone was dancing even if they didn't have a partner. Again the crowd went from college age to late 50's. It's nice to know that these are clubs that everyone can enjoy without feeling too old. The price for corona's were $ 3.75. If you had your park ticket there was no cover charge. We were having a good time and could have stayed longer but we realized that we wanted to get up for early entry at IOA the next day. I'll stop for now, kids are coming home from school! Back with more tomorrow!
It sounds like you had a GREAT time! Thanks for posting!
Mahalo Cforza, great trip report. I have had to face one crisis after another at work and haven't had the time or energy to get to my trip reports...but I love reading them. :)

We were at HRH 3/8 - 13. Were you there then? We also enjoyed the music at Bob Marley's, but it was a little loud the night we were there and no one was dancing. DH will not dance unless there are lots of people on the dance floor. :( (But I learned he is a dancing FOOL when someone is throwing plastic beads to him! LOL)

How marvelous to be taken for a coed! You and your sister must have been floating the rest of the night. :)

I look forward to your next installment.


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