Part 3: Adults acting like kids, 11/7. Mythos, IOA water rides and Universal:


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Aug 29, 1999
Tuesday, Nov 7, 85 degrees and sunny!

Me- 39, trip planner, roller coaster fanatic and stay at home mom
DH- 41, wonderful husband of 12 years

We slept in a bit this morning then went to the Trattatoria del Porto for breakfast. They offer both a la carte and buffet. We both had their buffet, which includes small boxes of cereal, granola, yogurt, fresh melon chunks, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes chunks, french toast and made to order omelets. There’s a separate table with muffins, bagels and a few danish. Everything was very fresh and delicious but we noticed the selection was not as large as before. DH requested toast; the waitress brought it quickly. Adults are $15.95, which includes coffee. Fresh squeezed OJ is extra, $3.50. I believe children are $8.95.

It’s nearly 11am when we walk through the Island of adventure gates. Just in time for the water rides! Pat picks up a nice T-shirt and we’ve brought extra clothes to change into.
First stop, Dudley do-Right Ripsaw Falls, posted wait: 10min. We show our Portofino cards and are directed to the exit ramp and through the handicap entrance. Front of the line access is great!!
This ride is guaranteed to soak you to the skin. As a fan of the old cartoon, I found the themeing (sp?) fun if not extensive. It was an added bonus to have my husband behind me doing his best Snidely and Dudley Do-Right voices! We enjoyed this so much after exiting our log that we decide to ride again and go directly through the handicap door. This time I talk my dh into the front seat. You get a great view going down the hill!

Since we’re already soaked we head over to Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges. One of my favorite things about this raft ride is how much everyone laughs while they’re on it, even when it’s their turn under the falls! Once you’re dripping wet, you might as well ride again, so we did. Our 2nd ride was even funnier than our first due to a couple of very nice ladies in our raft. One of them had a hand towel and put it on her head. We started cracking up and I commented that I didn’t think it was going to help her very much. That’s when they noticed how wet we were and asked, wide-eyed, if we had just ridden. When we answered yes, they started laughing and saying oh-no! In our raft, everyone got equally doused; including the wise guy who was pretty dry until about ½ way through.

Pat changed, but I’m pretty comfortable. While walking through Toon Lagoon we took some pictures of each other next to our favorite cartoon characters; a bullwinkle cut out for him, a broom Hilda statue for me. This is one of the most colorful places in the park, what great photo-ops!

Once we were back at Port of Entry, we stopped in at the backwater bar (attached to Confisco’s), and ordered Confisco creations, m-m-good. They’re a bit like a cross between a frozen daiquiri and a pina colada, $5.50@.

Our plan for lunch is to go to Mythos. We didn’t have a reservation but it was no problem getting seated immediately. The interior is amazing and we were next to big glass windows that overlooked the patio and lagoon. Our server was excellent. We both started with salads. DH had the tomato/mozzarella, layers of red and orange tomato and mozzarella. It was beautiful and fresh but drowning in dressing. I had the mixed baby greens with stilton blue cheese (very stingy). Unfortunately, also overdressed. For an entree, I ordered the Penne w/shrimp primavera, hold the shrimp. It was excellent! Perfectly cooked fresh vegetables and pasta in a rich Alfredo type sauce. Dh had the coconut crusted mahi- mahi with butternut squash puree. The fish was really overcooked, dry and tasteless. Total bill, including a bass ale and glass of wine was 47.50 before AP discount.
I have to mention the chairs. Not only do they weigh about 50 lbs each (what’s that, a security measure? lol), but they are one of the most uncomfortable chairs I’ve ever sat on. I know that sounds like I’m getting old but hard seats don’t usually bother me. My poor husband needed a chiropractor when we left. The booths didn’t look much better. It too bad, we probably wouldn’t return just for that reason.

We decided to head to Universal but first we stopped in the Port of Entry Christmas shop. There were some very special ornaments here, nice glass character bulbs. I chose a “cat in the hat “ one. When we put it on our Christmas tree this year, Pat and I had fun reminiscing about our trip.

Before we exited Island of Adventure we were asked to participate in an 8 minutes survey. We were actually glad to give our opinions. We mentioned how helpful we found the employees (no not every single one, but most) and how willing they were to help you. We also mentioned the Mythos chairs and the survey taker seemed genuinely interested to hear about it. I wondered if they bothered to try and get comments from any of the harassed looking parents leaving with their overtired children!

Time for Men in Black, posted wait 30 min. We showed our Portofino passes and were directed through the baby swap area. It’s not exactly front of the line since there were express people there too, but there were only about 5 people ahead of us so it didn’t matter. I wonder why they don’t send you through the exit like other rides. We rode again, going directly through the baby swap area on the way out. Before we did though, I remembered to tell my dh about the red button, shooting the other car’s exhaust port when they turn into aliens and some good places to aim: between the eyes or in the mouth of the aliens. This time, his second ride he scored over 400,000. He actually noticed which targets gave the best score. I just shoot like crazy and hope for the best. My score over 300,000 (no bonus). Be warned this ride spins you around, several times, like a carnival tilt-a-whirl. We tried to put our sunglasses on in time for the picture but we were way too late. Hint: your picture is not taken when Will Smith uses the “flashy thing” on you. It’s much earlier in the ride.

T2-3D was our next stop; posted wait was 20 minutes. An attendant outside the attraction escorted us to the Max factor door, it’s the handicap entrance but there’s no sign. By using front of the line we were able to shorten our waiting time since we could basically enter any time before the preshow started. This attraction has some incredible 3-D effects. It’s a blend of movie action and live actors. It’s also very loud at times and is deserving of it’s parental warning but it isn’t gory.

We then went to the nearby Gory Gruesome Make up show. I didn’t use fotl because I like to look at the display cases in the waiting area and didn’t know if we’d have to by-pass them. If there’s a long wait, skip the cases. You can always look at them at another time without seeing the show. This is a pretty funny show in which 2 gentlemen explain some of the special effects used in horror movies. They also call on an audience member to help them. Try to sit towards the front/middle if you want to be chosen. I expected this to be really gross but it wasn’t bad at all.

It was almost time for the 4:45 Blues Brothers show on the street by Finnegan’s. Dan and John they’re not but it’s fun to stand outside with cold bass ale and tap your toes to the music. There are a few benches on the sidewalks but mostly it’s a standing crowd.

We exit Universal and wander around Citywalk thinking about where we’d like to eat. We decided we needed a nice quiet dinner at Mama Della’s, back at Portofino. First we looked in a few more shops and stopped at the Pat O’Brien take out window for a Hurricane ($7.95@). The bartender was one of the few truly rude people we encountered on this trip. First he ignored us and continued talking to a patron; I finally got the gift shop attendant to get him. Then he let us know, after giving us our drinks in a big plastic cup, that if we had come in the bar we could have got a souvenir glass for only $1 more per drink. When we expressed disappointment, he said he didn’t have any to give us anyway. On top of all that the Hurricane’s weren’t even that good. DH, who had one in New Orleans, said they weren’t made very well. Sorry, enough whining!

After a nice quiet boat ride, we’re ready for our QUIET dinner at Mama Della’s. We requested to sit on the patio but the tables were reserved. No problem, we’re immediately seated inside. As soon as we were seated the strolling musicians began taking requests from the next table. Normally this would’ve been fun it wasn’t what we were hoping for tonight. All we could do was laugh! The waitress came quickly and we ordered a small antipasto ($9). Soon the musicians moved on and our appetizer arrived. Ahhh, that’s better. I noticed dh starting to chuckle for no apparent reason. When I question him, he whispers that not only does the lady behind him have a severe, ummmm, gas problem, but it’s really loud too. Sorry, if this sounds crude but it was really funny at the time. The farting lady leaves and our entrees arrive. I ordered the tortellini ($14) and hubby has the Rigatoni w/sausage ($17). Both are incredibly delicious. Total including a small carafe of house wine ($14) was around $59 incl tax. We noticed there were fewer menu selections here than our last trip a year ago.

Back to the hotel to find out who our next president was going to be. As it turned out I didn’t have to hurry, lol!
Wow! $59 for a meal at a nice restaurant! I need to try that restaurant the next time I visit.


Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

Wonderful trip report. I loved reading it. It made me relive our trip all over again! Your water ride escapades sounded like fun! I also ate at Mama Della's. I really enjoyed this meal a lot. Somehow I did something wrong when eating here! My bill was triple yours :eek: :eek: :eek:
I guess the wine did us in. And the dessert and coffee I suppose. What did you think of Mama? I laughed so hard when you mentioned the strolling musicans. My husband said maybe they will skip us! LOL I enjoyed reading about your meal at Mytho's very much since we didnt take advantage of this restaurant this trip. I will definetly get there next time. Thanks again! :)

"Mama" was warm and friendly. We only spoke with her for a few minutes. Last Nov when we ate there with our kids it was a different mama (I think). When we told her how much we all enjoyed the meal, service and atmosphere she gave us the guest book to sign. Then she kissed all of us on the cheek, I think she even got my son!

those beds at Portofino really must be comfortable!

I am really enjoying about your adults only trip, looking for hints on things to do when I come with the Grinch (BTW, the movie starts on-island tonight, hope we go). Considering the 5 hour difference, late starts sound good to me--11 am is still 6 am for us. But it seems as if with FOTL access, we will be able to start later and still get to see everything. :)

Mahalo for the insight on the GGGH Makeup show, it looked like fun on the Universal tape, but we never had time to do it before. Have to try it!

Did you learn how to post pictures here? would really like to see a picture of you and Pat.

I am eagerly waiting the next installment. Thanks, Renee, I appreciate you taking the time during this very busy season.



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