Parking Permits


Earning My Ears
Feb 10, 2001
Hi Teri

Thanks for recommending the GAC. I really wasn't aware of this card, and so when l am in WDW, l can decide if this card would benefit me. I am curious to know about the Parking Permits. I have one here in Ontario, but how do l have one issued there. This would be beneficial to me, as we have a rental car. As l don't have visual problems, the stares can be very frustrating, but l don't have much motion with my head, that is now visual, but the older l get the more spunky l am becoming towards my disability. As l try to suffer in silence the thoughts of someone questioning my disability is very disheartening. Healthy people should count their lucky stars, but the way l see it is that l have a wonderful loving family, and what more could anyone ask for!! Looking forward to Disney World with my wonderful loving family!! Thanks for responding, and letting me have my opinion, Karen
When you come to Orlando, bring you handicap placard with you. The Disney parking folks and Disney Security will allow you to use it at the resorts or parks, you don't need another one. However, let me suggest an alternative. You don't necessarily want to park in the medical/handicap parking lot at the parks. The walk from those lots can be a bit long, they are really meant for people who need to roll into the park and can't use the trams. If you park in the regular lot and take the tram in, you may have less walking. You can ask the parking attendant to let you park right next to the tram stop - they have special reserved spaces at the end of each row just for this purpose. Just tell them you need it, and they will be happy to oblige. We do this all the time, it is a real energy saver. :D

There is a link to a thread about Constructive ways to deal with staring, in teh FAQ. You should read it. I think you will find that many people have dealt with the problem of worrying about how other people judge. You will have a great time at WDW, just take it easy and enjoy!
Thanks Teri

I will bring along my parking permit, and l will request that l park next to the tram. Thanks for recommending that. Just curious about using my permit anywhere else in Orlando area. Would having a rental car, and knowing where we come from be a disadvantage to us, meaning that we could be targeted for car theft. I know this sounds crazy but, l am always thinking of the safest route when travelling in unknown areas, and my own areas at home. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Karen
Most of the cars are rental cars, so yours will not stand out at all. The lots are patrolled and if you are parking in the regular lot, you won't need to use your parking permit, so there won't be anything to tell where you came from. I remember reading that a few years ago, they stopped putting rental company ID on the outside of cars, so your car should look like any other Florida car.
You might want to mark your in some way to easier identify it. It seems that the rental companies get whole fleets of the same model and color of car, so you may come back to a selection of cars that look exactly like yours.

Anyway, I agree with teri about the parking. In most cases you will actually walk farther from the "Medical Parking (WDW's name for handicapped parking)" than you would if you park in the regular lot and ride the tram. The parking attendants save spots at the ends of rows for people who have mobility problems so they have only a short walk to the trams.
The Medical Parking lot at Epcot was also quite full every time when we visited in late March. The ends of that lot are actually farther to walk than the "closest to the park" end of the regular lot. And the Medical Parking has no tram.


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