parking at the parks w/rental car-is there a fee?


Earning My Ears
Jan 28, 2001
i posted this in the them park strategies too, but i think i might get a better response here.

do you have to pay for parking at each park you enter? is it per day, per park? or is it included with park hopper passes? this could probably add up to quite a bit if it's not included. what is the price if there is a charge? anyplace we can park (maybe a hotel) for free and take disney transportation into parks?
Parking is 6.00 per day. If you change parks, show your parking receipt and there will be no charge at the second (or third or fourth) park.
If you are a guest at a Disney resort, there is no parking fee.
There is no where to park other than the parking lots. Disney has begun cracking down on people using the hotels to park, because that leaves no place for hotel guests to park.
Ig you have an Annual Pass, parking is free, but, not with park hoppers.


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If you are staying off-site, an alternative is to stay at an off-site hotel that offers transportation to the Disney parks. Many of the hotels have such transportation. Some charge extra; some don't. Check with your hotel.


It's not really fair for the shoppers, but some people park in the Disney Marketplace for free and then take Disney transportation to the parks.
Considering what the total cost of the trip is I think it's easier to either take a hotel shuttle or pay the $6.


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