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Aug 18, 1999
Staying at the HRH on April 21. Do they have valet parking or self park at the hotel? Also, what is the best way to get to IOA--drive your own car or take their transportation? And what is their transport---boat, bus, etc?

Sorry for all the questions, I just like to be prepared.
They have both valet and self park...a charge for both. (maybe not for hotel guests...but I guess you would find that out at check-in) otherwise to self park the cost is $8. The transportation to IOA is by boat...I recommend taking it, it is very quick. Enjoy your trip! :)
HRH guests park free in the self-park lot. Your room key is the same key that you use to swipe at the parking lot enterance & exit. YOu can take the boat or walk. The walk is pleasant and about 5 minutes to UA & 10 to IOA. Enjoy!!!
How far from the hotel is the parking lot? I saw other posts that lead me to believe it's a hike from the parking lot to the hotel.

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The walk from HRH to the parks takes 5 minutes.


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We just came back a week ago. Don't take any transportation, just WALK! It is VERY close. Walking is the quickest way to get to the parks, just exit the hotel by the pool restaurant and you will be pratically at Universals front gate. For fun if you have time you might want to take the boat ride to citywalk or Portofino but it would take MUCH longer. It would be plain ridiculous to take a bus or car, that's how close HRH is. Have a great time!


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