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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by DonaldDuckFan, May 9, 2007.

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    On the first day we arrive we are planning on going to Fort Wilderness for the late afternoon/evening. We are going to have dinner at Trails End and then do all the activities there the movie, maybe hayride and just walk around and see what is there. We are going to be staying off site, so how does the parking work there? I know at other resorts they just give you a pass for a couple hours, but we'll probably be there for a while, so what happens with that? Has anyone else done this?
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    Ft. Wilderness has an open parking lot for day visitors. If you are coming through the MK toll gate, get in the next to far right lane, then almost as soon as you pass through the toll gate, make a right hand turn.

    Follow the road. On the left there will be an entrance to Ft. Wilderness. Go to the SECOND Ft. Wilderness entrance and that will be the non-gated parking for day visitors.

    If you are coming from the other direction past Downtown Disney and Saratoga Springs, then the Ft. Wilderness entrance will be on the right. Then pull into the FIRST Ft. Wilderness entrance.

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