Parkhoppers for DCA/DL

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    Jan 18, 2000
    Disney is planning a new ticketing policy at its California Adventure theme park to attract more visitors and prolong their stay, the Wall Street Journal reported. The program will allow customers who buy a three- or four-day pass to go between the new California Adventure and Disneyland theme parks in Anaheim on the same day, the paper said.

    Attendance at the new theme park hasn't been as high as officials expected, according to Disney Parks & Resorts Chairman Paul Pressler. Visitors aren't making additional stops at Disneyland, and the park has had trouble keeping customers after dark, the paper said. Last week, Disney said it would host an evening ``Electrical Parade'' at California Adventure starting July 4 to keep people there park past sundown, the paper said.
    Source: AOL News
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    Apr 14, 2000
    Now, they just need to get rid of that, "expires a week after first use" policy. Allow people to buy a 4 day Hopper, spend 1.5 days in DL and .5 day in DCA, then come back 3-4 years from now to use the other 2 days. That, or they need to sell a 2 day hopper.

    WDW sells a 4 day hopper, but has 4 parks, 3 water parks, and the days don't expire. DL has 2 parks, and the shortest hopper you can get is a 3 days, and it expires in a week? They've moved a long way, but have way further to move before they satisfy the customers.

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