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Earning My Ears
Jan 28, 2002

I will be a first time cruiser 02-02-02. We are doing the 7 night cruise and I'm not sure if I should do the dinner at Palo's or the Champagne Brunch at Palo's. This trip is my honeymoon as we were married in Disney World in October.
I'm afraid of missing something if I choose to do the Palo dinner. I would like to have the opinion of other cruisers.
Thanks in advance.


We were on the 12-8 Magic and I would say definitely do the dinner at Palo. You won't regret it. The best food on the ship. I would also recommend that you go there whichever night you are in Parrot Cay and it isn't a special menu night. That was my least favorite of the restaurants and seems to be the general consensus of those on this board also.

I can't comment on the brunch because we didn't do it. Why not try both? After all, it is your honeymoon.

Have a great time.

I vote for brunch if I HAD to make a choice. I felt so limited at dinner ordering off a menu. At brunch you can try everything on the table and get more if you like it.
I would eat at Palo every chance you can get. We did brunch twice, dinner once, and high tea once. Make your reservations as soon as you get on the ship. If they don't have any more reservations available put your name on a waiting list. We did this and got called. Palo's food is far superior to what you get in the regular dining rooms. That's because they have to produce such massive quantities of food in the regular dining rooms. It's so inexpensive to dine at Palo's. Dinner is $5 per person, brunch is $10, and high tea is free. These charges are for the gratuity and many people add more $ to this. We also left a gratuity for the high tea.
I say do it all! :)
BOTH! There is no reason not to on the 7-night cruise, especially since you are on your honeymoon. Most definitely do both the brunch and dinner, they are wonderful! :)
I agree completely with Webmaster Michelle--do both. The brunch is terrific --I liked it better than dinner. I would also do dinner the night of Parrot Cay that is the regular menu. The food is wonderful--far superior to the regular dining rooms, plus the feeling is so much more romantic and private (you don;t share a table at Palo's unless you want to).
I'm probably in the minority, but I wasn't that impressed at Palo's dinner. But it was tropical night at the other restaurants, and somehow I got the feeling that we were missing all the fun! But we really don't do fancy restaurants too much any more, so that was part of it. My husband agreed that he would have rather have been with our new friends at dinner and with our wonderful server Andrew! However, the high tea and brunch were both highlights that I wouldn't miss!!! As was said above, the brunch was fantastic, with so many wonderful choices it was hard to tell where to start! And we did both during our days at sea, so we really didn't miss anything else either. Do both!!! And congratulations on your wedding, I hope you have as many happy years as we have, we were celebrating our 25th on our 7-day last October!
On my 4 night cruise I ate at Palos for dinner and really enjoyed having an intimate dinner with my husband. On our 7 night cruise in October, eating at Palos is at the top of our list for our 6th anniversary dinner. I can't wait to try the brunch at Palos too! I hope we'll be able to get ressies for both.
Patty :earsgirl:
Hi Canuk...and congrats. We just returned from the 7 day cruise
( and loved it !!! ). We ended up doing both dinner and brunch, and may I add...they were both superb !!!!

Go for both and you will not regret it. Have fun.

Thanks for all your help. We have decided to do both. We have dinner booked on Monday evening at Palo's and the Brunch booked for Thursday morning. I am getting extremely excited as we leave this coming Saturday. I have already started planning for my next cruise hopefully in October. October would be our one year anniversary.

Sabrina :smooth:


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