Packing for ABD vs. independent travel?


Aug 28, 2011
Those of you who’ve done ABD before... Do you pack any differently knowing you’re on a guided vacation? Are there any “just in case” or emergency items that you don’t bring because you know the guides can get you what you need or point you to a pharmacy or shop, etc.? Also, we’ll be traveling with kids and I always make sure they have a snack and water and something like a sketchbook along. Should I still do that on an ABD tour?


Have Camera, Will Travel
Oct 28, 2006
Depends on how picky your kids are about snacks. The Adventure Guides make sure there are always tons of snacks and water available.



Earning My Ears
Jan 28, 2019
The packing lists they send for each itinerary are useful... in sunny destinations our guides have offered sunscreen and bug spray. They are also trained in first aid and have basic meds for motion sickness/Tylenol/etc. We still bring our own for the times we aren’t with ABD but don’t take as much as we otherwise might.

Be mindful if your adventure has internal flights as other airlines outside of the US are more stringent on their weight limits, even for carryon bags.


DIS Veteran
Jul 29, 2012
Typically, the only thing I don’t pack when I travel independently vs with ABD is an umbrella. ABD usually provides you with a poncho, which comes in handy. I always carry my own wet wipes, pain relievers, Kleenex, etc. when I travel but it’s great to know that the guides will have what I need if I run out during the day. If they don’t, they can tell you what the equivalent is for the country you’re in.

The guides hand out water throughout the day, but you can always bring your own. If your kids are used to snacking frequently, you may want to bring your own or just visit a store once you arrive. ABD does provide snacks during the excursions, but they’re usually only brought out once ore twice while you’re out for the day.


Aug 4, 2015
I didn't pack any differently for our two abds .....One was costa rica, one in yellowstone.


DIS Veteran
Feb 21, 2005
No need to pack food. They provide snacks each day.
No need for a big camera. The guides take tons of great pictures.


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