Package vs. Hotel


Earning My Ears
Mar 30, 2001
Our family of three is going in September for 4 nights (All-Star Movies)for the great price of 49.00 per night (Thanks to all at the budget board). Since we do not plan on attending the water parks, should we stick with the hopper or go to the ultimate hopper through a package being offered in our city newspaper. (total would be about $100.00 more for package than hotel/tickets. Our DD will be 1 week shy of her third birthday.

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We have NEVER found a package that can beat the 'you build it yourself' price.

We always opt for regular park hoppers and just use the pools at the hotels.

If you are avid waterpark people it might be cost effective to purchase a 1 day pass to the water parks
I find that when ever you purchase anything prepackaged you are paying for things that you will not use. I have been to WDW 18 times and have never purchased a package. We have been very low budget to all delux and I just felt better paying for each item individually. There is no pssure to go someplace that a member of your party doesn't want to go to. This year my children and husband would lie to go to DQ and I really don't think I will enjoy it $25 worth of fun so I am taking a pool day and they are going. IF WE ALL PURCHASED THE ULTIMATE HOPPER IT WOULD BE AND ADDITIONAL $200 FOR THE PASS. I could still go to DQ for a mere $25 for the day.
Don't buy the package. We have found they contain too many things that you pay for and don't use.


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