Package Pick up/Meadow Trading Post


Chief Troublemaker
Sep 22, 2014
If I have our in-park purchases delivered, how long will they hold them before we pick them up?

We're rope drop to closing people so the Trading Post opens after we've hit the parks and closes before we get back. Will the Trading Post hold our packages for a few days before we pick them up? Obviously, we'd let them know with a phone call or have the CM annotate the delivery slip. I'm figuring we'll do parks on Sunday - Tuesday and have a 'down day' on Wednesday. Then hit the parks on Thursday - Friday with Saturday 'down'.

I'm used to just dropping by the bell desk and picking packages up on the way to the room. When we were at the Fort in 2015 I didn't build in any down time (more fool me!) so didn't have anything sent to the Trading Post because it was never open when we were at our trailer!


I don't always get distracted but whe...SQUIRREL!
Jul 8, 2009
Usually most resorts will hold until you are checking out. This is what we've done most times. Just get all the items at once.


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